Where to hire Graphic Designers & Content Writers for multiple Newsletters

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Hey Warriors,

This is my first post here, and after failing to find an "introduce yourself" section, I've decided to do it here.

About me: I'm a licensed lawyer but I also own a Marketing Firm that services Accountant and Dentists. My marketing firm takes up the majority of my time and it's where I'm also looking to grow most. But I'm always open to opportunities.

Anyways, I'm wanting to create newsletters for my clients but haven't much time to do so myself currently. Has anyone had experience hiring content writers and graphic designers for the creation of newsletters?

So far I've just thought of Elance and/or going down to the local colleges and posting wanted bulletins to grab some college english majors & graphic designers to help out. I'm just completely ignorant of industry prices and availability for this kind of work.

The content writers just must have a sense of humor and be able to write engaging material that's simply entertaining. I don't need anyone who has specialized dental or accounting knowledge for these newsletters.

If anyone has any recommendations or suggestions they would be truly appreciated. I'm just trying to make sure I don't overlook anything in my quest!

Happy to be one of the newest warriors,

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    Welcome to the forum.

    One place to start is in the Warriors-For-Hire Section:

    Warriors For Hire

    Read the reviews carefully; some of the content writers offer a free sample of their work (example: one free article).

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    Thanks for the ideas. I'll have to check out both. I think I may also just put a simple ad in the paper too and see what happens.
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    College students would probably work best for you. They usually need money and will work cheap. And if you have any problems you can go see them in person and work things out.

    The going rate is about a penny a word, although some experienced writers seem to think they're worth more. College students might do it for less than that.
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    I know really good writers just for the sake of writing as their passion.

    You can get quality content to college students too with less cost.
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    These are just some of the places that you can go into as far as hiring graphic designers/content writers:

    1. Warriors For Hire
    2. Odesk (don't know with their TOS though since they've merged with Elance last year)
    3. Fiverr
    4. Onlinejobs.ph
    5. Staff.com (it's the site that most YEC - Young Entrepreneur Council have suggested, check it here)
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    I would suggest looking for high-quality content writers at Hubstaff. Fast turnaround time, excellent writing skills, very flexible when it comes to the content you want for your blog or website. Check them out at Hubstaff's Content Marketing Packages. They also have a staffing service - where you can look for skilled freelance graphic designers or Wordpress developers. Good luck.
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    Look at fiverr for graphics and possibly writing.
    Join our affiliate program! Earn $400 or more for 1 sale! Lucrative commissions.
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    For content writing i sent you pm check
    Prospring launch offering a 100 Million in Prizes and stacks of benefits each week.

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    Fiverr is great if you find the right individuals to do the work for you.
    You can really get alot for 5 bucks over there.. but be selective, and read feedback from others carefully.
    For free quality content on digital marketing and productivity at -
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    You can take a glance on the "warrior for hire" section. it will be good for you.
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      The going rate for SEO filler fluff you can hang ads on is about a penny a word.

      I'm assuming from your description that you're looking for content to put in newsletters your clients can send to their clients and prospects.

      If so, count on spending 5-10 cents a word.

      If you go the college route, you might get by with 2-3 cents and a resume credit.

      If this is going to be an ongoing project, you may also be able to work out an internship deal with the college.
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