Using a coupon after paying for a domain that i've won?

by Haship
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Is it possible to use a coupon code to reduce the price for renewal fee (14.99$) in Godaddy after i win in their auction and when I pay for the domain? i can't see anywhere to add a coupon or i'm missing something?
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    I could be wrong... but I am pretty sure that those coupons are good for initial registrations only, not renewals.
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    It depends on the coupon. I'd send them an email and ask them. They've been great about refunding me money with a have an accidental renewal of a service/domain.
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    Some coupons are good for renewals. But you're not going to be able to use one to pay for an auction. However, when you go to renew the domain again next year you should be able to find a coupon that will reduce the price to $7.95

    Godaddy isn't the cheapest place to get domains any more. It used to be, but not now. I've never used them for anything but domains. I tried their hosting once and it was pitiful. Now, it looks like I'll stop using them to register domains too, since I can get domains elsewhere for way less at normal prices, even without a coupon.
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