How to Track Sources From Where Traffic Is Converting

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Hi All, I have recently started with safelist marketing and got some success with it. However now I want to track the result and need some help. At the moment I am using onyalist to create capture page, its a web based tool and don't require hosting or domain to create the capture page so I don't have complete control on this page.

I am looking to find the sources from where I am getting the leads to this capture page. I have signed up to more than 80+ safelist, and at the moment I send emails to 40+ sites daily. I wish to know is there any tracker which can help me to find the sources from where I am getting leads to this capture page created through onyalist with one tracking link.

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    You can shoehorn in 'conversion tracking' or 'experiments' with Google Analytics. Or you can use something like Kissmetrics which is really expensive but equally powerful.

    As you're finding, when you use off-the-shelf tools, a lot of times you lose the ability to get exactly what you want.
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    You can use Hypertacker for that. The free version is limited to 5 campaigns I think.

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