POLL: Do You Invest In Advertising Your Website?

by jhongren 6 replies

As you know online advertising market is worth billions each year.

So I am wondering if any Warrior do advertise your website in other people's websites in the related niche.

Would love to hear about your experience of
  • how to find suitable sites,
  • how you get the best deal,
  • how regular you pay or is it an upfront payment
  • how do you judge if it is a good investment
Look forward to your reply.

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    When I had an e-commerce site, I paid up to $5000 a month in PPC. I also spent a few thousand dollars on banner advertising and that resulted only in a few conversions. Now I don't advertise anymore because my business model has changed.


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      Beside PPC, what are the other advertising mediums you use (blogs, websites, classifieds, banners ads etc)?

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        John, I really almost tried everything but nothing was as effective as PPC. This is what I tried.

        1. Direct Banner on a website - I spent $1750 to purchase a 150*50 banner on well known content that was relevant to our PDA accessories niche. The result was that we got one single sale. I was actually quite surprised about this because previously, a text ad put on the same site through Spinks (now part of Google Adwords), was quite effective.

        2. Banners through agents - I used Fastclick ($1000 campaign) and tribal fusion. I got a few sales with Fastclick and none with Tribal fusion. This is despite Tribal Fusion having the most well known PDA sites.

        3. Popups and Popunders - not effective at all.
        4. E-mail - not effective
        5. Affiliates - I promoted our shop through Sharesale, Clixgalore and Darkblue. They do generate sales but no where as much as PPC.
        6. In the beginning we posted a lot of adverts on forums and they actually generated a few sales. But this is considered spam now and we stopped doing it after a few months because it was bad for our image.


        Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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          I dont spend money, only time...
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              Not much, a bit on Google
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                I did never spend any single dollar advertising my 3 blogs before it reached 100 daily uniques... pure hard work..
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