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Hey Warriors,

while being in the process of connecting the dots between the many fields of IM to finally see the big picture, there is this one question that comes up quite often and i don't really see a clear answer for myself, so allow me to seek help here :

What exactly would be considered 'Value' in a product you create ?

Let me be more explicit and give you an example:

When you are creating products for the MMO niche, the value is pretty tangible, because the customer will appraise the value by the money that they have made with the help of this product.

But if you look at other niches, how can we measure value ?

Let's look at the hair loss industry, the only thing people are looking for basically is 'the cure'. Having their hair loss problem solved. If you have a little bit of knowledge, you will know that there is no final cure for this problem. Sure, there are a lot of options to halt or hide or improve one's situation, but there definitely is no cure. Yet, tons of reports, and ebooks covering this issue are sold.

So, basically, if you don't want to be a snake oil salesman or don't want to fall short on your pledge, the only thing you could do is offer people the options that currently exist.

This is something everyone could research on google, for free. So, in what way do i provide value & be ethical (not lying) ?

This could be applied to basically every other niche as well.

Would be great to get some input and your perspectives on this.

Best regards,

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    Value is in the eye of the buyer. Do they feel like they got a good deal? If they do then that's what matters. If they don't you will quickly know via refund requests.
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    Seems like your talking about intangible value (As in how much your customers value said product)

    everything has a value, regardless of what it is. Now you said "You can google this and find out for free" ... Mostly true, but the AVERAGE Joe, Doesn't want to wade around 40,50,100 sites looking for all of his options, BUT you don't mind... compile it into a nice 10-20 page book saying "Never be bald again" only 17 dollars ... then they get all the answers they wanted by reading all the hard work you did (Really just click and reading) ... this way they don't have to do it and you have created value for that product, without lying or being snaky

    To bald people, This information that YOU have gathered and provided is Priceless, and guess what If YOUR method works, they will tell their bald friends.

    Hope this clears something up!


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    Man value is many things. It's customer service mainly.
    A scenario and i know most of you have heard this but listen anyways.

    I used to manage restaurants in a past life and I would tell my employees this.
    If you have a restaurant down the street and both restaurants sell the same type of food, what makes you go to the other restaurant. Price? NO NO NO

    If A. Restaurant has great food, I mean it makes you dream of spending the night with your love. You write home about it. The parking lot is dirty, restaurant is not that clean ect. Then they dont have good customer service though. They don't greet you, they don't wait on you for ten minutes your drinks dont get to you for another five minutes. They dont thank you. You have a problem and they don't care.

    Now Restaurant B. The food is okay,, Not great but you can eat it and it's filling. But when you drive up the restaurant is spotless. They remember you, greet you, promptly wait on you and bring you your drinks, They take care of your concerns, they thank you.
    They make you feel as if your leaving a familly members home and they cost a little more.

    Who you going to visit the next time.
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    the only thing you could do is offer people the options that currently exist.
    In the case of your example, there's nothing wrong with telling the truth. Still, there's a lot you can do because you can educate them by providing research to back-up what you're telling them.

    It's true, there's no "cure" for hair loss due to genetic causes, at least not yet. But there are many reasons for hair loss and they're worth exploring for someone who is experiencing it. So you could present all that information which is considerable.

    The only way to "fix" the problem, at this point, is hair replacement. This procedure works very well, if done by a competent doctor, and looks 100% natural. A little expensive but worth it for the man or woman who is suffering emotionally due to hair loss. It's also a permanent solution since genetically healthy hair follicles are transplanted to the bald area.

    There are other procedures for the severely bald person. The surface area of the balding area is reduced surgically. Then that's followed by hair transplantation.

    Rogaine does work for some people but it's expensive, requires continuous use, and does not fully restore hair. The hair that does grow usually does not look like the original hair that fell out. I've known several people who used it.

    This is something everyone could research on google, for free. So, in what way do i provide value & be ethical (not lying) ?
    Eric explained this, above. You're doing people a favor, saving them time, by doing the work and presenting the facts in an organized manner. The value you provide is saving them time and doing the work for those too lazy to do it themselves. Totally ethical value exchange.

    This could be applied to basically every other niche as well.

    Go forth and provide value...

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    This is something everyone could research on google, for free.
    So is how to lose weight, gain muscle, make money, etc. These topics have had blatant answers and common knowledge for centuries. And yet still people want to spend money to buy products based on them.

    So, in what way do i provide value & be ethical (not lying) ?
    This could be applied to basically every other niche as well.
    Um, no. To lie about being able to cure baldness or cancer with something absurd is not the same thing as offering information, strategy, motivation, etc. on a different topic where the information, etc is actually valuable and of worthy note.

    So, in what way do i provide value & be ethical
    By choosing a product that provides value and that you can sell ethically.
    Some cause-oriented hackers recently hacked one of my websites. So I researched what they're about and then donated a large sum of money to the entity they hate the most.

    The next time they hack one of my websites I'm going to donate DOUBLE.
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      Value is when a buyer feels he really has been helped with the product or service and felt that it was well worth spending the money on it.

      A lot of information that people can buy can be found for free by searching the internet, but that takes time. Some people feel that their time is more valuable than money, since they can never get their time back. People still pay for information even though it can be found for free, because it saves them the time of having to do all the research themselves.

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    for me value is a variable. different to each customer / potential customer. if it works for them , then it has a good value (the product)
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    Value is anything that empowers/improves/enriches a person's life.
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    I personally believed that, what ever you provide to your clients needs to valuable for them. Otherwise they will not buy from you. You may say the product you are providing can be found for free or in the other places but it does not matter. Like there are thousands of store who sells food and there might be some places where you can get food for free. But everyone is doing business. Actually it is really a complex Marketing sinario where same thing can be marketed deferently for targeted audienc. So don't think about it instead develop a marketing stretagy where your clients will have option to know why your product can help them to solve their problem. The price can not be the real factor instead they way you present it to your audience is matter.
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    You should not concentrate on value but quality instead. Quality is some thing a person can do or use to help them toward their goal.

    Example...If you are stranded on a deserted island and find a pirate chest full of gold. You know that gold is very valuable but it does no good for you because you need a boat to get off the island.

    You should work on providing quality information or service that people can apply right away to provide what they are looking for. Don't worry if they can find answers to their problem online for free because you will be providing convenience by getting the information all in one place for them.

    Many times the value to them is they don't have to search the internet. Just make sure the information or service is of high quality.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    It's quite difficult to appraise the value of digital products. Also, all media are constructions hence the perceived value of the product will vary from one person to another. In my opinion, the more the product is able to satisfy the wants and needs of the customer, the higher the value.
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    Value is a perception held by the customer/visitor/etc. I may find great value in something that someone else sees as trivial. Generally added intangible value saves time, saves money or teaches. You can find all sorts of recipes online for example, but when someone converts the measurements, explains substitutions, makes it friendly to specific diets, etc, they've added value by saving others time and effort.
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