Help Needed... 50th Birthday Present For Mum... Help Her With An Online Business She Can Run!

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Hi There

My mum used to have her own cafe and has now been running a successful mobile coffee business for years... she is turning 50 this year and would like to retire in a few years to travel around Australia with her husband in a campervan (knowing her she'll probably install a coffee machine somehow )

Lately she's been asking me about how I make money online and keeps claiming that she doesn't have the patience or the expertise to do something like that, although she just upgraded from a PC to a MAC and is super excited to use it all the time (and she apparently doesn't like using computers).

Based on little hints she has been dropping, she would like to start meditating and create a new source of income, and based on the fact that she wants to travel as she hasn't had much of a chance to do so in her life, something location independent would be ideal. I need help to see what I could do to help her.

I thought she could write a book on how to run a successful mobile coffee van business and sell that through kindle and/or through clickbank, she could join an MLM although the way I see it she would have to join one that is digital based, she could be an affiliate and promote a product or a range of products, and the list goes on... I am happy to set it up for her or help her set it up, although I would like it be setup in a way that once I GIFT it to her she can quickly and easily maintain it without too much work... any ideas?
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    Why not get her a passive income with free herbal supplements? :-)

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      Originally Posted by eljeffe77 View Post

      Why not get her a passive income with free herbal supplements? :-)
      i don't have a fixed address as i'm a nomad so have her address in the rewards/affiliate system... it's against their terms of service to have more than 1 coupon code per household... so that could potentially terminate mine and her new account eliminating the passive income i already have and would create for her
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    something about coffee from around the world, you could link affiliate products into it i would have thought, she can then use it as a diary when she travels and actually tries the coffees
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    Man so many opportunities for a passionate person to make money and a son to help get that site ranked.

    Just look at all the niches for food and coffee. Maybe a special recipe site that caters to personal recipes for health. A coffee webstie about coffee. Lol i don't know coffee so that is the best I could do there.

    Just saying with a son that can help promote and a mom with passion, it can and will work.
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    Why not expand your business and bring her along? I would say the best thing to do is to partner up with her instead of just finding her a business.
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    You should certainly have her start a blog right now, using her experiences as a cafe owner and now the mobile mobile coffee business. I'll bet she has some amazingly funny stories!
    Mix in some expert advice from her about grinding, blending, brewing, best coffee machines, etc, and it could be a winner.
    Monetise it with affiliate offers/adsense and use your expertise to get traffic.
    This will give her some experience with starting an online business, and help her develop her writing style. Once she sees a little money coming in from that it should energise her to do and earn more.
    The blog can then be expanded on when she starts her travels, and bring in more traffic and money. She could start adding articles on the coffee houses she discovers on her travels, different types of coffee, local customs, etc.
    All of this could so easily be turned into a book, too.
    Once you have her intersted, it's easier to move onto other, more lucrative types of marketing/making money.

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    A well know warrior, Willie Crawford, makes a killing with a chitterlings cookbook. He might give you some good advise on selling your moms cookbook. If she owned a cafe she must have her own recipes that she could put in it. It wouldn't have to be a real book, just an eBook. However, a real book wouldn't be out of reach. There's lots of places that will print small quantities for just a few bucks each. Amazon would even sell and deliver them for her.
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    Espressos and travel sounds like a good combi (sic) to me.
    Get her to start blogging already!

    Mum plans early retirement, spends a year or two getting ready blah blah blah.

    Sets off on travels, visits beautiful places, drinks a coffee and writes about it.

    Perfect age range for 60s and 70s kids which is an affluent target group.

    Then, if she's got her machine installed she can make an endless tour of events in Australia, selling great coffee at shows and festivals.

    She'll get on TV everywhere she goes, as the travelling granny who sells the best coffee in the world, become famous, sell heaps of advertising from her blog (now detailing in more depth her travels and adventures and get invited to attend even more shows.)

    The blog can be edited into the memoirs of her life and published, while she continues with the blog. The auto-biography will be a hit, based on her millions of followers, which means she can then write a novel (instant best-seller).

    Blah Blah Blah, happily ever after.
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    Great advice from PeckhamPirate. I gave my Mum the complete episodes of UK comedies of ''Only Fools and Horses'' and ''The Office''. She told me that she still laughs watching those comedy shows.
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