To ALL who consider "bit coining" The news Said it just collapsed!

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Hey All,

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2/27/14 11:32pm Pacific Time,,,, San Diego

I was just watching the news speaking of Bit Coin and have been getting a lot of emails about training courses about how to make money online with it.

The news said that it has collapsed and hundreds of millions of dollars in Bit Coins are missing. I don't know the whole story but go ahead and Google it to see what I'm talking about.

Just a warning if you been thinking about this type of money online

Robert Cottom
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    its 0 value. all hype
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    Bitcoin* didn't collapse. Mt Gox collapsed.
    Some cause-oriented hackers recently hacked one of my websites. So I researched what they're about and then donated a large sum of money to the entity they hate the most.

    The next time they hack one of my websites I'm going to donate DOUBLE.
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    I can live with that. All my money is US currency because I can use that to pay bills and the real estate market didn't crash so my properties are safe.

    Another routine day at the office over here.

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    Bitcoin has had it's pretty bad blows since it started but this is like an uppercut from which it will send it down to the mat. It started a few days ago, now everyone is panicking and trying to convert their Bitcoins into real dollars.

    I was very weary of all the hype from the get go. Good luck if yo have money on this horse.

    Perhaps Bitcoin will be able to shake it's legs and get back up from the mat... again?
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    Bitcoin market crashed few days back,no big deal,it crashed before too,like the stock market.Anyways it's one of the exchange ,known as Mt.Gox that has gone out of buisness.That doesn't mean bitcoin economy is over,it's just starting out. . Beter keep your bitcoins in your hard drive if you are not trading.
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    I'm not going to lie..... I made a cynical remark in this thread a few posts up. That comes from the fact that not only do I not operate in that market, I also have very little understanding of it (which is why, I guess, I have not a "bit coin" related offer for sale).

    I will say though that I did check my PayPal, Bank account and ClickBank. The balances are unchanged by this unprecedented event so I guess I escaped unscathed.

    Okay, I'm done razing. I promise.
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    i never really liked the concept of digital money and therefore did not pay attention to it. all i know is that the university in my country was accepting payments using bit coin ... mhm
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  • The Bitcoin circlejerk is probably one of the best ones on the web. An endless source of comedy regardless of how the "market" is performing.

    While you spend time reading people's signatures on a forum someone else is working to make the money you could have made.

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    360 million unacounted for out of 6.8 billion in circulation
    i read somewhere earlier today

    $261 million out of $303 billion Counterfieted in US Currecy is taken out of curcilation each year, not acounting the bills that people don't know that are fake still in circulation

    pretty much the exact same situatiion
    people with fake bills get screwed

    %5 compared to .08 %
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    mt.gox is NOT the end all and be all of bitcoin. There are many other exchanges. BTC took a dip but it's fine now. Cyrptocurrencies are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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    You have that all wrong. Bitcoin is not in any trouble. Look for a 100% increase within a few months. Mt. Gox went down because of bad wallet coding and bad withdrawl procedures.

    So to be clear, Mt. Gox went down due to their own incompetence.
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    And remember who's reporting it. The mainstream media, which is purely mass control and propaganda at it's finest.

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    The only thing, bad news about an industry regardless if it is true or not can really kill other industries that are still profitable.

    Although I'm still not sure if I would truly ever trust the bitcoin industry.
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