How to work out SocialMarker.Com?

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Hi Y'all

Im having trouble with

The first page starts bookmark details:
2. URL

Then we are supposed to click submit. Then it will go to another page which is supposed to submit your article into different sites.
It starts with propeller.

My problem is, within social marker the propeller page will be displayed and will ask me to enter a username and password.

Does this mean that we have to create a username and password for every bookmarking site we are submitting to before we use socialmarker?

Help on this will be much appreciated!

Also a note on the last post of steven.

It is true, being discouraged, losing hope is the worst thing that can happen. In fact, right now I am discouraged. I have spent a month researching for ways to make money. I even challenged myself to make money in the internet in 30 days and all I got is a 1.57 dollar in google adsense that I cant even claim yet! Man!!!!! It's hard, it's not as easy as it looks.

other warriors advised me to go to elance, while there I realized that I can't quote on projects there, I realized that I don't really know a lot of things to start earning. My writing skills are poor, my graphics skills are lower than the beginners, my programming skills pathetic.

I seemed to be caught in a cycle of learned helplessness. For the present no amount words seems to motivate me.

So following steven's advice I will start with baby steps..That is submitting my blog to different bookmarking sites. Then we will see what happens next.

I can't say Im a warrior right now! Coz man presently I suck!!

All I can hope for is the best..Maybe with a little help from friends..

If you want to see my blog to comment on my write-ups its at
Make money in the Internet 30 Days Challenge

I will appreciate your input about my writing skills, maybe for me it will be a start.

thanks, y'all!
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    Yes. You have to create a username and password for every site listed.

    It's annoying and a little time consuming at first, but once you set evrything
    up it goes ALOT faster the second time around

    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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        Yes I struggled with this for a while, this is one of the little secrets these sites don't tell you about, and how to go about it

        What a pain having to register for many places, I looked around and found a solution that helps but does not solve the total issue but does help

        I ended making a WSO as a result of finding a solution with a video showing how to ease the pain.

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          The first time you use it, it is going to ask for a username and password for each site it tries to submit to. If your computer keeps cookies/usernames/passwords, it should autofill on most of the sites on your second + time around.

          I really like SocialMarker, just a little time consuming. I use it when I want to submit a really good post.

          Mommy Enterprises
          Helping Moms Make Money At Home $$

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            I just went through all that confusing stuff myself. It takes forever!!!! Plus I never could get some of them to work. My question is after you sign up and go through the whole process then what? Do you have to keep submitting. Not sure I really understood exactly what it was all about. Keep your head up I am a newbie too but have actually started making some money. You can check out my site and I will try to answer any questions you may have. One of my IM friends has started a IM coaching program. I would be glad to give you the info if you would like. I have seen it and it really will help you grow.
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