Which Method For Least Risk Of Spam Probs....SMTP or SendMail?

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Hi guys,

I have a bit of a dilemma...I have 2 not very good email options on some classified ad software I'm installing & was hoping to get some thoughts on what's the better of the 2!

The only way I can send emails through the software is via my web hosts sendmail function or set up an SMTP connection to another email account (probably Gmail) and send throught that. I don't like either option (would rather use 1SC, aWeber etc.) but I don't think this can really be changed.

Emails need to be sent out from the software to confirm people's registrations, notify them of successful ad submissions, & when they receive a message through the messaging system on the site. I will include a link in their rego. email enabling them to sign up to another list (hosted by 1SC probably) to receive newsletters, special offers etc.

I'm just wondering what you guys think is the best option for the essential site emails. If I send emails through the sendmail function, I risk getting the domain/site email account blacklisted which would not only affect the site emails but possibly emails sent from 1SC. If I use SMTP to send emails through Gmail, the domain/email address is safe, but I guess some spam blockers will block the Gmail emails as they're being sent via SMTP (one of the criteria I believe that some spam filters use to ID spam).

Arrgh :confused:...what's the best option???


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