Whats the best blog builder for video

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Hello All,
Can you help me please. I am technically challenged and need to get a blog/website made as cheap and easy as possible. I have hostgator with wordpress but I am looking for a template (or something easy) to build. My site is going to have my disabled (cerebral palsy) 10 yr old dauther doing a video about 1-2 times a week on her life. I want to monitize it with adsince, amazon and other affiliate stuff, add an opt-in box, rss follow me links like twitter, facebook myspace etc. until I can make a product for the dissabled niche. This way i can start getting a list together. I am thinking of submitting the vids thru traffic geyser, submitting some articles with backlinks etc.
Any help and advice would be appreciated. I already got the domain name MakaylasWorld.com
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