Whisky.com domain sells for $3.1 million

by jishan
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Michael Castello sold the Whiskey.com domain for $3.1 million.

Here is what the funny story is behind the domain(as told by Michael):

I received an email one day in 1996 from someone in Germany. A professor wanted to purchase Whisky.com.
I offered him the name for $1,000. He told me he could register any domain name for $100 and declined.
Funny thing, he wrote me the very next year and offered me $1000, I told him what was $1,000 last year was now $10,000.
A year later, he again came back with $10,000 and again I told him what was $10,000 last year is now $100,000 this year.
I never heard from him again.

Finally the name sold for $3.1 million to the largest producer of Whisky in Europe.
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