How much traffic does a domain get?

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I'm considering buying a couple of domains that are for sale that are similar to my own domain. How can I estimate how much type-in traffic they receive?
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    Haha, good one Ken.

    Seriously though, if you're not going to drive any traffic to it or SEO the website for your domains, I'd suggested you will get low to nil volumes of traffic.
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    Domains by themselves get 0 traffic.
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      Originally Posted by Ken_Caudill View Post

      Try this:

      Originally Posted by warriordanny View Post

      Domains by themselves get 0 traffic.
      Please speak for yours only

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    A good starting point would be to research it at
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    • The traffic will be low for sure, but the point of buying them would be to redirect people to my domain. The idea is that some people are accidentally typing in these other domains instead of mine. Is this a worthwhile endeavor?
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    Get the traffic figures from the seller.
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    • What's to prevent them from making it up?
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        Originally Posted by warriorforumrocks View Post

        What's to prevent them from making it up?
        You can always ask them to prove it to you, if you're purchasing from an experienced seller they know this is regular and is almost always asked.

        Rarely are domains getting traffic anymore from direct input though, seems like a waste.
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    also - Visualize How Big A Website Really Is! gives you a idea... not 100% but from my tests it is fairly good..

    But nothing beats real facts from the seller
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    It's all about marketing. That's where the term internet "marketing" came from. A website without marketing is just a website. Kind of like, if a tree falls in the forest when no one is there, does it make a noise? Same with a website.

    There are many ways you can get traffic to a website.

    Free: Search Engine Optimization, Forum Marketing, Blog Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Adswaps (when you have an email list of your own), JV partnerships, ect..

    Usually free requires lots of work, and its a slow process, but it is worth it.

    Paid: Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Solo Ads, and practically any Social media website offers a pay per click type marketing.

    You have to do work to get traffic. If someone is selling a website and they say its already getting traffic, ask for proof. If they have no proof, then try what Ken_Caudill suggest. (;
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  • try this free website:
    let me know if this helps
    PM me if you need anymore help
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    Not worth it until your big enough to be able to fill in little holes here and there.
    Unless it's a common mispelling/typo
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