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Just wanted to drop my two cents to IM'ers.

For a long time now, I've observed a lot of Im'ers quickly uploading the video with no subtilte or offer written manuals as alternative. Granted, videos are easier to upload pretty much on any websites nowsdays, but think about it....

You are missing out a huge gap of largely neglected market--people like us. Just last Sunday, I had a choice...

Between two competing identical marketing websites, one offered videos, and the other one offered video + written manuals. Guess which one won...
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    i totally agree. if i preferred video to reading i'd be watching more TV.

    and at times when the web is slow, it takes forever to load.

    not to mention it plays havoc with bandwidth, which is a bit more expensive in SA
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      Yeah not only that, but videos either can't be downloaded to your computer or if they are take up a lot more space.

      But my pet peeve is when I'm looking for something particular. Video sucks for trying to find something specific.
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