What Iphone Apps do you use?

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I am now the excited owner of and iphone and I have to say I am very impressed with it. It now does my email has instant messenger on it and an RSS reader. So I can now catch up with everything I want without having to boot my PC all the time.

I was wondering if people are using Apps they would recommend to the IM community? To start to the balll rolling I would start the list with the following 2:

Byline - an excellent RSS reader that Syncs with Google reader

Toodledo - and excellent to do list manager - ideal for capturing all my ideas and thoughts - it even seems to be pretty good at telling me which order to then do them in.

Does anyone have any others that can suggest for keyword research or other IM related topics.


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    i love my iphone i was reluctant to get one having owned a bberry - glad i took the plunge now. here is what i use for my IM stuff.

    - zenbe - for to do lists (ability to share with others)

    - flick bank - lets you see those weekly totals if in need of a smile

    - analytics - excellent google analytics app that works from multiple domains

    - tunin fm - lets me listen to some radio while i work

    - TouchType - handy landscape keyboard that enables me to knock up a short article if i am stuck waiting somewhere or travelling.

    - i also email pdfs to myself to read on trains etc (great for research tc)
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    These are some great iPhone apps. The best thing about iPhone apps is that I can do anything with it. Oh boy! i just can't get enough of it. Over that the other day I found a site called objectdevcorp and it has a tons of iPhone apps. And the best thing about them is that I can always ask them to create apps like I want.
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    flight control
    free rss reader
    radio times (uk tv listings)
    sky news
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    i have used many iphone apps from the very beginning of my iPhone life but most of the time I preferred apps from objectdevcorp.com, they make functional apps for the phone. I love the themes and games they made really they are good to use.
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