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Hello to all.

I have a quick question - when you are driving traffic, is it best to send that traffic directly to a squeeze page, or to a blog and then let the visitors click links or optin from the blog? Is there any difference in optins and conversions in the two methods? Is there a standard, or is it simply about testing?

Thanks to all in advance,

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    If the squeeze page is a good one, I would be driving traffic directly to it Big Mike. You only have a relatively short time to hold a person's interest and capture their details. If the squeeze page is well made and offers great incentive, then it should inspire signups. Most blogs I see have multiple exit points. Ads, offers, links etc. If you give potential subscribers too many chances to leave, they may not optin at all.

    Testing is always smart but I would encourage you to get a top notch squeeze page with an irresistible offer, then flood it with highly targeted traffic. Maybe you could have your blog showing as the exit page after signup? Best of both worlds there!
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    depends on the traffic. some traffic convert better through a squeeze page and others through a blog.

    but the traffic thats best for a squeeze page can convert up to 60%.

    while traffic thats best for a blog converts somewhere from 20%-40%.

    also consider the cost per lead which would matter more than what converts between the 2
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    It really depends and you need to test both. One of the most successful forms of marketing nowadays (due to ad blindness that has developed with most people) is content advertising. That is providing free and relevant content that then leads people to want more from you. That would be how you do it with a blog.
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    If I were you, I'd use a blog. Why? People buy only if they TRUST you. Blog posts enable you to build trust and become credible.
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    How about if I sent traffic to a squeeze page, and in the follow up emails, leave a link to my blog from there?

    I'm concerned that if there are too many clicks to get to the optin, then well, I will have less optins.

    It will go like this:

    facebook->blog->links->squeezepage->sales video

    versus facebook->squeezepage->sales video.

    I hope I am not asking too much, lol
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    It depends mostly on your niche.

    Do you think your audience would be like seeing a blog or just getting something answered for them.
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    I am in the psoriasis niche. Most people just want direct help.

    However, there have been SO many scams in the past, that it is a very skeptical market, which is a shame because my stuff is the real deal.

    I'm really on the fence about this.
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    I'd send them straight to the squeeze page. This isn't a written law, just my personal preference. But test both and see.... this will give you your ultimate answer.
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    Why not get the best of both worlds, send traffic back to a blog post that is largely structured around in-line opt-in. Part content, but mainly a squeeze page around in-line opt-in can work very well
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    I think squeeze page work well and more than a blog,
    that's my opinion ,
    Best Regards!
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      Get them interested in your blog, earn their trust and then offer them more info. That way you send highly targeted traffic to your squeeze page.
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    jbsmith, at the end of each my blog posts, I say something like, 'click here now for blahzay blahzay....if you want a method that REALLY works, click here now!"...or some variation of this. They are getting content, and then salescopy at the end to entice them to click the link to the squeeze page.
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    Originally Posted by BigMike56 View Post

    Hello to all.

    I have a quick question - when you are driving traffic, is it best to send that traffic directly to a squeeze page, or to a blog and then let the visitors click links or optin from the blog? Is there any difference in optins and conversions in the two methods? Is there a standard, or is it simply about testing?

    Thanks to all in advance,


    I myself would rather work with a squeeze page than a blog. I think the squeeze page shows the information I need better than a blog.

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    I think if your overall goal is to capture your leads as subscribers, then a high-converting squeeze page will probably convert better than a blog would. Again, there are a couple of variables at play here such as the specific niche, etc but I am thinking the squeeze page is a better way to go overall.
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    Get the lead using a squeeze page, then use your blog to build a relationship with the active subsribers

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      Send them to a squeeze page every time. There's too much distraction on a blog and they may end up there, see all the other good stuff, and forget why they went there - lol.

      It's not as crazy as it sounds, - I do it daily. Well ok, I'm only joking about that, but my comment above is serious. Don't send them to a blog.
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  • the good thing about sending traffic to a squeeze page is the message is short and meant to build curiosity and value to get an opt in.

    In a blog you have to find people that share the same views that you do and this is not always easy to do.
    A lot of thought have to go into writing a Blog

    While writing the Blog you have to be careful not to alienate people.
    Don't get me wrong a good Blog that is well written like a cliff hanger

    making the reader wanting to tune in for more of the subject you are writing about
    is an awesome thing.

    I suggest you build your list then send them to your blog on the niche that signed up on
    that way if they decide to not subscribe to your Blog you already have captured them as a lead.
    Hope this helps if you have any questions PM me
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    I agree with everyone who recommended the squeeze page. You don't want to overwhelm the prospect with too many things to think about. Make a great offer with a call to action and keep it simple.
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    if it's a once off 'prospect' then a squeeze page is a better option. If you want to keep them engaged and build a relationship with your readership then a blog is your option.

    Also depends on how much time you want to put into this. A blog is a big commitment!

    ~ Mateen
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      Hi BigMike!

      Think about the balance between your goals and those of your audience. As many others her have pointed out, a squeeze page is really about grabbing leads while a Blog is about building longer-term trust.

      But there is a chicken/egg relationship: Can you get a person to opt-in or buy without first building trust? Maybe on a free opt-in, most likely not on a purchase.

      A well-crafted short report that is free for a confirmed opt-in could serve both purposes. You are giving a valuable gift while showing folks your stuff is the real deal.

      You point out the folks in your market are already skeptical. That makes me lean more towards a blog in which the sidebars are not visible on the home page. It will seem less "salesy" to skeptics, and you could keep distractions to a minimum by having only one or two navigation links up top.

      Choose a very clean theme, keep it simple, and make those who visit feel as if they are being cared for versus sold to.

      "Words have weight." ~ Stephen King

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    Squeeze page is better ,if it make good.
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    Thanks everyone.
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  • no time to bullshit... squeeze page is the most convertable
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    Squeeze pages' main job is to encourage online visitors to sign up for your email list. They mostly consist of headlines, lists of benefits that visitors will get when they subscribe (i.e. free gift and a newsletter) and an opt-in web form. They don't need to look appealing they simply need to convert well.

    Blogs have several purposes. One of them is social proof. Visitors can comment on blogs, tweet or like the posts. These activities validate that people are listening to you and that the information you impart is valuable. Google prefer blogs since they provide more valuable content than squeeze pages. The more you blog the more traffic you'll get from search engines. This may be a slow process, but will be very valuable on a long-term basis.

    Blogs is also a good source of collecting email addresses and names just like squeeze pages. It's always best to take advantage of both having a blog and a squeeze page. Blogs build subscriber trust, search engines' trust, opt-ins and social proof. A squeeze page can direct targeted traffic that will certainly maximize the growth in your email list.

    Good Luck and more power!
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    The blog, by far. You've got a chance to not only get the sub but to also impress them with your killer content. You DO have killer content, don't you? If not, then go with the squeeze.
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    If you're creating daily content and posting it at various locations around
    the web then...

    ...You can leave links that point to both your blog and your squeeze page.

    This allows you to vary your links and create a web of links that allows your
    whole linking system to produce it's own amazing results.
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  • why don't you put your blog links on squeeze page with your "read more" anchor.with that ways you can have double impressions.one for direct convert and other for your long term visitors.
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    Personally I use Optimize Press to have a 'landing page' on my blog and that seems to convert well
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    It definitely depends on your niche and why your targeted visitor is at your page in the first place. What I do..

    I do both in every niche. I set up traffic for the Blog AND for the squeeze page Works great. You'd be surprised at how many visitors opt in right on the sidebar of a blog.
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    You really should test both to see which works best for you. Some will have more success with a blog while others with a squeeze page. At the end of the day, only your own testing will give you the answer.

    You could also use a theme that will help you present your offer / content in a manner that somewhat limits the outs for the visitor, if you really want to use a blog.

    There's some good themes out there depending on the CMS you're using. If WP, look at optimizepress. Could be handy for you.

    Good luck!
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    I am like Jassen, I like using a lightbox popup.There are plugins out there that allow you
    several different options to choose from allowing you to test different optin forms simultaneously.Test and decide with works best for your visitors.
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    There are several schools of thought on this. One to consider is what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want to build yourself as an expert with an authority site? If so, you could send your traffic to a well-written post with quality information. That way, you give the person a choice to make an intelligent decision to subscribe or not, (assuming your subscription link is prominently displayed above the fold in the post). If you just want to build the list and wait til later to build your expertise, then go for a good capture page. I can tell you that the most thoughtful and insightful bloggers seem to favor the former.

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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    Since I only have 10 autoresponder messages, how about I build the list, and as i get new blog posts, send them a brief email with a link to the blog post. Is this socially acceptable?-)

    I'm leaning towards testing both.
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    Originally Posted by BigMike56 View Post

    Hello to all.

    I have a quick question - when you are driving traffic, is it best to send that traffic directly to a squeeze page, or to a blog and then let the visitors click links or optin from the blog? Is there any difference in optins and conversions in the two methods? Is there a standard, or is it simply about testing?

    Thanks to all in advance,

    For paid traffic I would go with a squeeze page.

    Any other targeted lead I acquire is sent to my blog. Specifically to a post which provides the solution to their problem. Of course your blog should always have opt-in capability prevalent.

    Hope that helps,

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    I write, and work with many different clients who have different approaches.

    A blog like most people here pointed out will give you a good foothold in your niche, it will give you authority and residual traffic, usually for free.

    A squeeze page will build you up a powerful list, you will probably make money a little bit quicker, and if you work out the payments for ads you can start making a steady profit.

    Both work well, with a squeeze page media buys and banner ads seem to work best, while with a blog using free social media gets the job done.
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    Yup, squeeze page any day of the week. Then send subscribers to your blog. A house only has one main door but many rooms. Get your subscribers into your door (your squeeze page). Then, and only then should you send them elsewhere (blog, facebook page etc etc etc).
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