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by ron200
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I wasn't very successful a few years ago when I tried AM but I have read a bunch of stuff and will probably try again. Yesterday I saw a pretty good domain in the make money niche and bought it without knowing what I am going to do with it yet.

It is those 2 words with 1 other short word and one hyphen in the middle and gets 20k monthly global searches for exact phrase(supposedly from data where I bought it)
So I figured would be a good deal for $10.

Anyway I am on info overload with all the stuff I have been reading and while I am trying to figure out my game plan, what is the best thing to do with it right away?

Its not hosted at godaddy so I don't know if I can use their parking with ads or if that is a stupid thing to do or should I just put up a few articles to get google started and use adsense type to make a bit. Allthough I can't use adsense since I got banned their for some kind of T+C violation. lol,

Or is none of that worth it and I should just wait to get thing going on it like content/autoresponder/squeeze page/affiliate offers/etc.

Thanks for any help.
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    First, I'm not sure why you'd buy a domain in a make money online niche, when you haven't had any success making money online? And it's tough to say without knowing the specifics such as the domain name and your background/skills. I'm assuming you'd have a better chance as an affiliate in this niche than as a product creator at the moment.

    As far as the best thing to do right away. I'd take a minute and come up with a plan for your online venture. Whether it be this domain or another. It kind of sounds like you put the cart before the horse on this one. So, decide if this is something you could really make into a successful venture or if you should cut your losses at $10 and no time and begin building a long-term plan.

    I personally wouldn't waste my time with Adsense. Without more details, I'd lean towards going the content/autoresponder/squeeze page/affiliate offers/etc route.
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      If you bought it for $10, I'd consider just selling it lol. I really don't know what to do with high traffic domains but I do know that you need insights into where this traffic is coming from, (demographic), and if it's constant.
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    I have been reading on domain flipping so when I saw this on the site the book mentions I bought it figuring I may try to flip it. Not sure how the hyphen will affect it.
    make-money****.com is what it is. The other word goes along with it.
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