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Can someone please help? l just trying to make a squeeze page with aweber account but i need to edit it or removed it and start brand new squeeze page.. My problem is i'm new to this thing and i do not know how to do that. Do i have to contact my hosting company to help me? or has anyone here knows how i can edit my squeeze page? i did use filezilla but i do not how to go about editing.

I hope you understand my question, please help.

l am lost.


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    Hey Luli,
    If you're using Aweber to actually create the squeeze page, they should have online tech assistance right on their site. In my experience these folks are quite helpful. And without understanding the details of your problem, it's my best suggestion. Just look for the online chat icon or 'need help' area.
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      Thank you so much for your help but i think i i did not explain clearly. I went through aweber question and answer and somebody phoned me from aweber but still could not help me...My question is like this, i went through aweber to create a web form and i save it then another step was asking if i wanted custom page/your own site or thank you page and i choose thank you page and i put my domain name on thank you page which is my site, and in that site has a squeeze page....So the squeeze page in my site i do not like and i want to change it or edit it at least... what do i do?

      Any help at all?

      Thank you in advance

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    You could also go download Komposer, (a webpage editor) with a nice (What-You-See-is-What-You-Get) interface. I am not an html expert but I've been able to use that to create the file and then upload it into the hosting folder. Another quick tip is to check out youtube...Dude (or lady), there is a video for everything!

    Hope that helps.
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      Thank you so much, i do have komposer in my computer maybe i will try that and see how it goes, i did go on youtube but can't get exactly what i'm asking for. so you know... but thank you any way...Any help is appreciated

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        If you post the link to the squeeze page and tell me what it is that you don't like about it I will take a look to see if I can help you figure out how to make it the way you want it to be.

        Jason Willis
        Where There is a Willis...There is a Way!
        Where There is a Willis....There is a WAY!!!
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          am i allowed to do that? ( post the link of my squeeze page site) i don't want them to delete my post. The might think i want to advertise something
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            My bad. Send it to me in a PM.
            Where There is a Willis....There is a WAY!!!
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              thanks i will
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                One of the simplest methods I have found is Wordpress with Paper Template plugin, the plugin is only $7.00


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                  ok thanksi will try to do that, because am new to all these and he can be confuse at times...but thanks anyway

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          Hi again,

          Thanks for the information and willing to help. i wonder if you can send me the video so that i can see how i can edit the squeeze page on aweber thank you page. i have seen some on youtube but i wanna to compare with others so i can find which one is better for me. Also, Can anyone let me know if is possible to have a one domain name with mutiple squeeze page in a same niche?

          Thanks and appreciate all your help guys

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    Try to get a plugin and if you are a beginner I will recommend you to use WordPress. It's pretty easy to work with as soon as you understand how it works. There's a lot of tutorials of it online. Good Luck!
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    Toy around with it Luli Contact tech support but tweaking things in Aweber can give you some insight. I learned a little about squeeze page/opt in form building by experimenting here and there.
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      i will definitely do that and see how it goes you guys are all very helpful, thank you alot, i appreciated all you suggestion and help.

      always grateful

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  • Your squeeze page if it is already saved to your sever is probably to your public html directory the index.html is where your squeeze is. If you have a HTML editor like Kompozer which you can download for free at kompozer.org
    paste you index.html into komposer and you can change wording, images
    there if you want to change your opt in form you will have to go to Aweber and change
    your form then after saving copy the HTML code and go to Komposer click source code and look for where your Aweber code goes and paste your code there.
    Hope this helps
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      thank you for all the information about squeeze page, i knew it was somewhere saved but did not know where. Duh! thanks for your help and the videos, i guess now i should be able to edit, delete etc.

      I really appreciated your help. i really like this forum i never really visit that much but people are very helpful to think i had this problem for weeks is ridiculously i should come here long time ago and i will be far by now, but i guess is not over till is over right?

      thanks anyway

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