Young Ambitious IM, Web developer and Designer. From where to start?

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Hi Warriors,

This is a common question for any newbie Internet Marketer out there. There's many of you that are experienced and others that are new into this. I'd like to give you a quick description and explain my situation to you.

I'm 21, 22 years old in a couple of days. I'm having my Master Degree this year in auditing but always been passionate about Internet Marketing. Which allows you to work from wherever you are in the world by just having an Internet Connection and a Laptop.

I don't have my heart in auditing, economics, compatibility anymore. I feel like the society been pushing me to this path, where in the end, I will end up in an office and working for others and counting there money.

I want build my own business and build my own path, the dream for every entrepreneur. Right now I want to jump into the Internet Marketing, make a living from it by offering my paid services and freebies.

I made some money since I started by selling my web design, graphic and developing services on Elance and by freelance in general. But now I would like to know from where I can start in IM.

I have some skills in HTML/CSS, PHP, WordPress and Photoshop.

So if you bared with me by reading till this point and now that you are understanding my situation. I would like to know from where should I start?

I want to build and make a passive income. I believe I have every tool needed but I don't know where to start from.

I'm willing to do everything in order to succeed. So if anyone want to guide me that would be really helpful to me and to the people that are putting their trust in me.

Thank you,
Reda L.
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