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so i spoke with someone recently that got a rip off report. hes standing his ground and doesn't want to be extorted by them -- what can be done here? anyone have anyone that is proven that i can refer him to?
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    Nobody in mind, but from my experience, non-resistance wins. Trying to fight creates more fights. Letting things go makes things go away, if you were not in the wrong.

    Send out good karma and good karma flows back to you.
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    How is ripoffreport "extorting" you?
    Did they ask for money to remove the negative report?
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    You can check with a fellow warrior here, he's username here is yasiryar if I am not mistaken. He does reputation management services.
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    You can kick a ROR off the front page if its there for the brand name.

    Social profiles are probably easiest to do it with: facebook, twitter, etc...
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      Originally Posted by Andrew S View Post

      You can kick a ROR off the front page if its there for the brand name.

      Social profiles are probably easiest to do it with: facebook, twitter, etc...
      Yah bury down that ripoffreport by creating authority profiles like social media profile. We have client before who have some bad reviews from this kind of sites but we managed to buried them down.
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    There will always be people who'll do anything just to earn money. Some do capitalize in extortion. Your friend needs to be more positive and continue to do what is right. Here are some useful ways that can help him with reputation management:

    1. Invest time by blog commenting in niche relevant sites.
    2. Use the power of Press Releases.
    3. It's definitely a great practice to do Forum posting in niche relevant and high PR forums.
    4. Capitalize in High PR Question & Answers Sites.
    5. Create accounts in High PR Web 2.0s.
    6. Use Search Engine Submissions
    7. Invest in High PR Article Distribution sites.

    People who extort other people capitalize on instilling Fear. There's always a way to fight back in clean and legit ways. If one is on the right and ethical side of business, then he or she has nothing to be scared of. There's nothing to lose. You need to assert and protect the business that you've created and worked hard for.
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      Much of what everyone else said. Social, and other like properties are great because you can pound them with links, and they will only improve in rank. The limitation I have found, for example twitter, is being able to add enough content to make it relevant enough to whatever keywords you are trying to rank it for. If it is just the client's name, then this is probably not an issue, but if it is "client name complaints" or something of that manner, Twit or the like may not be that suitable. Some properties I have had a lot of luck with are:

      The client's web page
      A well optimized internal page ie. clientdomain.com/client-name-reviews
      Creating a new site: clientnamereviews.com
      Videos (such an easy win)

      ORM can be spendy, but it doesn't always have to be. Choose your "hero" properties wisely, and you can succeed. Look at what is already ranking for the terms you want, if it has some authority, can be optimized (content can be added), then you might have something.

      I can tell you from much experience though, pushing ROR down can be pretty challenging. Review pages multiply like bunnies. The last thing you want to do is respond, if you have already, you probably know what I mean.
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