Using Public Domain "Stuff" In a Paid Membership?

by TerriL
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Hi All,

I am currently building a paid membership site using Optimize Press 2.0, and to add more value, I was wondering can I create an "Image Gallery" and download area for images I've collected through "Public Domain" acquisitions, and include them as 'extra' content in my members only platform?

This is NOT the main focal point of the paid membership, but I'd like to add more convenience and value to my members, and thought this could help members in finding 'legal to use' web images along with my other membership perks.

Thank a Bunch,

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  • Profile picture of the author vksoni2610 can add to as a free stuff in your paid membership area. But, i have an another idea for you, why don't you create some basic free stuff related to your membership site? First of all it will help your visitors to understand what are you giving and how much it's worthy? And it will indirectly help you to gain more and loyal members. When giving free images isn't that much worthy.

    And keep in mind that you should have all the rights of those images which you want to give your paid members. If you don't have rights than kindly forgot your idea about giving images because it's unethical.
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    Thanks for your response.

    No, I am 100% positive these are 'legal to use' images and can be used without restriction, as I have spent many months assembling them for my own use on both blogs and commercial projects.

    Again, this IS NOT the focus of my paid members area, but an extra feature that compliments the 'paid member content & training'.

    I've read here that people 'make money' repurposing 'public domain' content - but I just want to add a library or gallery of 'downloadable' images with unrestricted use personal/commercial, etc... to help out my 'future' members.
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