What are your best traffic sources?

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Hey guys,

I was just wondering what traffic strategies your are using and the sort of results you was getting... very interested in your opinions???
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    Social Networking Sites, Webmasters Forum and Organic search traffic are the primary source for my blog traffic.

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    If you want to increase your site traffic, you can do some SEO/ Search Engine Optimization work. There area many works of SEO, such as Back linking, Forum posting, Article submission, bookmarking, Blogging, commenting & so on. In this case the Do-follow link is more effective than no-follow link building. Thanks
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    Click on your signature link, and you'll find out... okay, I was just joking
    You didn't tell us your niche - do you have a blog, or a review site, or a squeeze page or something else?
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    Pay per click, solo ads, forum marketing, banner ads, find high traffic sites and see if they allow text ads.
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    Blog commenting,social bookmarking, yahoo answers etc.,
    There are several ways to improve the traffic.Better to use all rather than using only one method.
    Do you want 100-500 visitors per day to your website?Try this...

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    Backlinks (Commenting), Social Networks, Organic Especially Google.
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      Depends on what your trying to do
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    solo ads and ppv
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    Full seo backlinks is the best
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      FB groups, funnel clicks and solo ads for my niches. Depends on your niche and offer really what works best.
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    Google and other search engines, PPC, social media and forums, I don't trust solo ads or any list unless I build it myself.
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  • Depends on what you want to accomplish
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    Don't try to reinvent the wheel.

    In terms of traffic models nothing much has changed.

    It all depend on your approach.

    Just to clear your curiosity, Organic traffic, PPC, forum, blogs, videos and social media are top of my list.
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    anyone do that in facebook group?
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    Social and Organic search traffic are best for ranking factors
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    The best, and cheapest traffic is paid traffic. It's fast,
    reliable, and doesn't cost you a lot of time. Done right,
    you just turn it on, and let it run, but you do have to
    know your numbers. I like Facebook Ads.

    My favorite free traffic is from JV partners and affiliates.


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    These are the only proven methods that work best for me:

    1. Invest time by blog commenting in niche relevant sites.
    2. Use the power of Press Releases.
    3. It's definitely a great practice to do Forum posting in niche relevant and high PR forums.
    4. Capitalize in High PR Question & Answers Sites.
    5. Create accounts in High PR Web 2.0s.
    6. Use Search Engine Submissions
    7. Invest in High PR Article Distribution sites.
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    SEO through organic ranking is great but it will take to much time and effort from your end before you can gain the rank that you want. But I assure you the rewards are great as you see you your site slowly going to the top.

    But if you want instant traffic, the best is to buy it. There are trusted Traffic sellers out there that give you cheap but premium traffic. I can help you out getting the right traffic you need. Just PM me.
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    I`am using facebook ppc,plus doing some video marketing on youtube and getting lots of targeted traffic

    I`am looking for an honest legal business that can make real money online.
    I found one ??????http://successxxx.com

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    It depends on what business model you are running:
    1. Youtube: best for cpa offer as people go to youtube to search video for entertainment
    2. Facebook: best for online clothe business
    3. google: affiliate, adsense,..
    4. Adwords: list building,...
    5. forum seeding: traffic for blog,...
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    I'm starting to get some traffic from Reddit, it takes awhile to learn how to build a rep, but once you have enough points, it's easy to collect traffic. Don't think you can just throw up links to your website and thousands of people will immediately flock to it. The most important thing is racking up karma points, then share links to your website. Reddit is also a great place to look for targeted niches.
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    For me personally I have found that solo ads and social media are the best long term sources of traffic. These days I consider high search engine rankings as a bonus rather than a main aim. SEO strategies are too easily here today and gone tomorrow. Try to avoid shortcuts, and build for the long term.

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    The best, secured and constant source traffic of source was and will be always PPC.
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    Video Optimization (youtube)
    Social Media Optimization (Facebook and Google+)
    Article Marketing
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      The only traffic sources that work for me or anyone else for that matter are the ones that we focus on and stick to.

      For example, if you want to use doc sites for traffic then you need to find all the doc sites, and submit docs on a regular basis and stick with it for at least 2 or three months, then move on and focus on another form of traffic and take the same approach. After about a year you will have multiple traffic streams that will produce with minimal maintenance.

      This is if you want to build a long term business, if, on the other hand, you just want to pump and dump crap just try spamming


      A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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    Forum marketing and Facebook groups are working for me now and especially helpful with list building. However, it's going to depend on what product you are promoting as to which type of marketing or traffic generation works best for you. Some types of products are not as easily promoted on LinkedIn, but fit in perfectly on Pinterest or Facebook. Just go where your audience hangs out and you will find your traffic.

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    Originally Posted by Luke newton View Post

    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering what traffic strategies your are using and the sort of results you was getting... very interested in your opinions???
    The place you are in right now.
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    Youtube, Craigslist, and Backlinking to rank on google are my best traffic sources.
    Where There is a Willis....There is a WAY!!!
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    Are you driving traffic to a content site/blog or a squeeze page? Because this is important in deciding the most optimal traffic sources.
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    Youtube used to be my favorite but now that I've gotten into PPC I have been hooked!
    Powerful Blogging & SEO related content published weekly...Follow the journey here: EvanHoeflichMarketing.com
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    Social media, Solo ads, Youtube, adwords are top sources for quality traffic,
    forum marketing and article marketing is also important.
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    best traffic sources are forums and Facebook traffic from Facebook group posting. Linkedin has also produced some solid traffic
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    A hot trend, youtube, a regular website then the basics. Seems I've been saying this alot tonight.

    Article posting, forum posting, blog posting, ect. ect. ect.
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    Paid traffic like solo ads are faster.Free traffic is time consuming.fb ads are good if you set it up right.
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      Solo ads, solo ads & solo ads. I've tried Facebook, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Forum Commenting, Article Marketing, Video Marketing etc, but none match up to solos.

      PM me if you need further help.


      I Pay $1.00 Per Email Address + Affiliate Commissions.
      Message Me Now.
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    Youtube is my best traffic source along with social media like
    Facebook and Google Plus. Youtube is getting more searches
    than Google. I use some SEO too for that is free traffic.
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  • youtube video upload,descriptions of video and video commenting.
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    Press releases seem to be doing it for me at the moment closely followed by blog commenting . Good luck
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    PPC and
    Free traffic from social media
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    If I want fast traffic on TAP I use facebook adds and Bing Ads.

    For a long term website/ blog strategy I use SEO and Social Media. Social media being youtube videos, fan pages, Forums, Document sharing sites etc..
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