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by Sirric
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I have been trying to figure out a schedule that fits my day, and i wanted to know how everyone else spends their time marketing.

1.check email
2.write 2-3 articles for site
3.write 5 blog comments/posts on 5 different blogs
4.find at least 5 different members to trade links with 20 people with similar sites for link trade
6.reply to blogs
7.check my google tools (trends adsense analytics ect)
8. spend 20 mins finding new marketing techniques.

What do you guys think? comments? questions?

I really want to see your methods. and how they stack verses mine.
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    almost all of that and it makes around 30 % of my daily 24/7 activities :-(
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        I tend to bounce between my site, replying to emails, checking out the forum, and then finding new ways to promote the site.
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        I work out the day before and alot a set amount of time, when that times up I move on to another topic. The next day I finish off any unfinished business and move on.

        If it gets to day 3 and I'm still no something from day 1 there is a problem!

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          How about we do the above checklist for ONE week.

          Find out what is getting you the most results.

          And then just spend your entire day doing that ONE thing, outsourcing that ONE thing etc.

          Then, move on to the second most profitable...

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            what I do now is visit forums and write and submit 1 article per day
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