Are .com easier to rank then .net or .org or .info????

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Well this is something that crossed my mind ..... while reading another thread .... so guys what do you think ... .com are easier to promote .. then .net or .org

and what is the hype about .info that its not liked by " G "

What do you guys think

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    Personally I think .com is the easiest, although I've never had problems with .net or .org. I never use .info but rarely see a .info ranked on page 1 of Google so I don't think it has quite the same clout with Big G.
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    I'm no expert but I've personally found very little difference between .com and .net in my promotion efforts. In fact one of my sites (which has a keyword phrase domain name with a .net) is now competing head-to-head with my competitor's .com on page one of Google, and his site is at least 1 to 2 years older than mine.



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