Any warriors using startlogic?

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I have two questions:

1. Is there a thing called startlogic forum where users can help each other?
2. I had horrible experience with them. Anyone hosting with them - can you send emails to external email addresses via php scripts? In other words, does startlogic server send email confirmation to you after you sign into wordpress or phpbb? Their support cannot make it work. Very frustrated.

Here I have a simple script to test if email sending via php script works.

If you host your site with startlogic, can you do me a favor to create a new file there, copy and paste the following into it, save it as testmail.php, put it into your public_html or other directory, then run from browser, say, enter this address into your address bar and hit return:
(remember to change the email address in the script to an external email like yahoo, you own.)

After that, check if you have received an email from their server. I'd appreciate it if you can test and let me know. I have been working on those for a week and talked with many support folks there and they still can not make it work.

$mail_send =
mail(''. "\r\n","SL TEST","test SL email sending via php...\r\n",null);

echo "Message not sent2 ";
} else {
echo "Sent2";
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