Why are Some Threads in Bold and Others Not?

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I was wondering why some thread titles are in bold and others are not. I noticed that some of the threads I had read were normal text and I thought maybe the bold titles were the ones I hadn't read yet. But then I went into the JV section and the top 5 or 8 threads are bold and the rest are not and I had never even been to that section of the forum before.

What do the bold titles signify?
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    Yes I would like to know that. I noticed that on a different section too, was just never curious enough to ask. Maybe someone will answer.
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    My educated guess is that they are NOT bold if you have read them since the last post.

    Older posts go to not bold at some point in time. It seems that way, I looked at a forum where I don't look often, and yesterdays posts are not bold, the newer of today's posts were bold, the changed at a point in time to not.


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      Thanks for all the replys. Ill keep a close eye to see if I see consistancies. I am also wondering what causes a topic to be bumped back to the top. I know in the wso section people can pay $40 for a bump, but I also see it happening in the non paid sections.
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        When someone replies to the topic, it gets bumped to the top. Like, as soon as I post this reply, I expect the topic to get bumped to the top.
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