Any New Ideas for Residual Income?

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There's MLM, Email Marketing, PPC (maybe), Facebook Pages, are there any others that don't take as long to begin, or is there no such thing?
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    Insurance sales, real estate investing.
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      To get residual income you must have something of value that people are willing to pay for month after month. If you don't have something like that then you must turn to some one or company that does. Or create your own product.

      The things you listed are business models and methods of reaching people. In the end you must have all of them. The product people will pay for regularly, the business model,and the method of reaching new customers. Probably not what you were wanting to hear...but I believe its the truth.
      Where There is a Willis....There is a WAY!!!
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    There are no short cuts
    Create and Differentiate. Illuminate Your Buyers Need or Wants. Grow Rich.
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    Theres always micro niche sites.

    Sites that you either create or have created for low competition keywords. These sites require little effort to get ranked, and once they are ranked they can bring in residual income month after month.

    You could also do the same thing with youtube videos. The more videos you have ranking, the more residual income you will obviously receive.

    The most important thing with this is to pick the right keywords before starting.
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    Are we talking about online or offline?

    And really, residual means do the work once (or however many times it takes to automate/semi-automate it) then the money comes in for a specific or undetermined amount of time.

    With that said, any offline or online business can be residual... it's all about getting the systems in place and outsourcing most/all of the work.
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