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Hi fellow warriors,

I need to find someone who can create an excellent squeeze for me warm up my prospects before sending them to an affiliate link (not my product), I would also need them to create a small relevant give-away (report) so I can capture the email addresses and give them something.

Where is the best place to find someone who is very effective at this and what kind of price should I be paying?

Many thanks

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    well i would recomend Imran Naseem here. He surely can write a proffesional sales copy for you and give your website a pro look.

    Usually spends alot of time here on the forum.
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      Thanks Tirmizi.

      Any idea of around what price I should be paying?
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    hello Nixter,
    if you want to assign a task to some one or want to give job to anyone. Go to the elance or go freelance work exchange.
    These companies have a huge number of workers from around the world.
    you just have to post a job. There are many peoples who are seeking any task to do. Don't mention the payment. After a few hours you have a number of people interested in what you are offering.

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      For absolute strangers:

      elance (let them bid on your project)
      rent a coder (let them bid on your project)
      livexpert (pay by the minute)
      craigslist (post an ad if you want to work with someone local)

      Knowing what I know (which isn't a whole lot), I wouldn't charge less than $2000 for a complete package, though I would do all of the pieces for less. I'm sure you can get the whole project done professionally for at or below that price.

      Just make sure and get a list of other work they have done, and spell out your conditions explicitly. meaning, clearly define what is required for each portion and what you are willing to pay, then let people bid on it at the above sites. It will help you and them to diagram it out and make sure they understand the objective of each section that they are doing.

      Also, speak to them upfront about "revisions" as it is rare for someone to deliver you a perfect, best converting copy on the first try.
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