Best Free Video Creation Software (if possible!)

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Hey Guys,

I am looking for some free (or cheap, one time payment) video creation software for creating YouTube videos to promote my website. I don't mind if it is download or online.

I am looking for something like -
Sparkol VideoScribe


PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative

but anything will be considered, if nothing decent is proposed I think I will probably sign back up to sparkol!

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    I've heard about Camstudio as the free one and Camtasia as the paid one, although I haven't really used yet any of these as I've not yet made any sales video.
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    There is actually a free way using YoutTube itself.
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      Originally Posted by JWImarketing View Post

      There is actually a free way using YoutTube itself.
      Which is ......?
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    Cam Studio is good, but the latest version makes you install a whole load of other "free" software at the same time. You still need something to edit the video with, though.

    Active Presenter ActivePresenter - Free download and software reviews - CNET (not an affiliate link) is the closest I've found to Camtasia for free. It comes with basic editing.
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    To use a tool like Sparkol, their free trial is a closest you can get to a cheap solution in that quality level.

    Powtoon is a free option with some limitations, 2 Pro versions available.

    There is a lot of work involved in those interfaces so it's hard to beat that price.

    Another GREAT tool is PREZI,com, makes really cool animations which can be recorded as videos. Has a bit a learning curve but it's not too difficult.

    Somehow animated videos, more slide style, is Animoto, free and cheap options.

    To replace the $300 Camtasia suit, get screencast-O-Matic for $15 bucks a year, makes 99% what you need to make great screenrecording videos.

    To record audio only, go with Audacity, free tool.


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      I tried two or three free ones before deciding on Camtasia.

      Of the free ones, the best imo was Screencast-o-matic.

      But it didn't have many features, and there were no fancy effects. But it was easy to operate, which funnily enough, not all of them are imo.

      Hope this helps
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    Animoto is Free option, i use Camtasia and it's fantastic.
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      Animoto for Free, Screen-Cast-O-Matic for $15 Dollars is great as well

      However, not to mess around, Camtasia Studio is THE thing to get if you can swing the bucks.

      We always focus on FREE and CHEAP. But if you are going to be doing caps and vids and editing, this program can fit the bill in so many ways.
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    I am using camtasia.. it has friendly interface and I like it so much Been using it for many years.
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      Camtasia got many votes from warriors , i have also used it and it is very nice tool

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    My vote for free no cost video creation software goes to Windows Movie Maker.

    A very easy learning curve, plenty of transition options and overall just great for making quick videos...

    I must echo the statements of other Warriors: Camtasia is an extremely powerful video creation tool... Well worth the price.

    You can also download a free trial version and take it for a test drive...

    It gets my vote for one of the absolute best video tools I own...
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    Sparkol without a doubt.

    They are constantly adding new things to it, they are constantly updating their software, and if you are really clever about things, you can actually get the price of the membership back by creating and selling a whiteboard video or two to other businesses.
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    I use camstudio all the time and it works really well for me... good luck.
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    u can use camtasia studio or use the tool in YT REMIX
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    You can create videos there by using some pictures and a background music of your choice.
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    There are many Video maker software. My first step, I used the Windows Movie Maker, then for huge work, I chose "Ulead video studio" & "Maya video maker software" You can use these. I also the campstudio to record desktop work.
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    Well use Animoto for cheaper and a better option !
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    There are so many free software, you can use of them.
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    Nowadays there are many video creator software. Even the Windows has a built in video creation software. the Windows Movie Maker. If you need more upgrade software you can use Ulead video studio or, Maya software.
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      Animoto ticks all the boxes. The free version only lets you record 30 second videos so I record 3 of these and edit them together in Windows movie maker ( also free ). All of a sudden I have a high quality 1 min 30 sec video for free - simple!
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