The ethics in domain flipping

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Thoughts on this?

As people flock online to find out about the missing MH370 flight, an eBay seller has sought to profit from the trend by "flipping" the domain name

BBC News - #BBCtrending: How the MH370 website ended up on eBay
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    Everytime there is a tragedy this subject comes up.
    I'm going to say it like it is. I don't think anytthing is wrong with capitalizing on media.
    As long as your not exploiting someone or something then its fine.
    I have been making money with hot trends for years.

    This might be new news storys, a new infomercial, a new product or a new website,

    It's all the same man. It's alot like a hot selling wso. If it's really a hot launch I will skype my va and have them make me 10 videos on it with my affiliate link cause people will be searching for it and also do a web page of it since most the web names will be available to it in some form.
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    What happened to it. all links to the ebay action are gone and searched at ebay and nothing comes up.
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    I don't think it's too ethical. I would never register such domains with the intention of selling them.
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    I don't see anything unethical about this. It's a searchterm that got popular and the domain owner sold it.
    Move it along folks, nothing to see here
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  • lol it is not good to make money by using other people 's tragedy .
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    Like anything else, it's what you DO with it that makes all the difference.
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  • too naif to me..
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    Well, in this case, the auction closed before it ended and the domain didn't change hands. I personally wouldn't pay for most hot trends because by the time you get a decent site on it, the trend is over. I want domains that have a longer life. This one could if it remains a mystery, but I personally wouldn't buy this domain.
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    Some People Will Do Anything for a buck ! Unfortunately it's the world we live in.... Hopefully moat folk here are about empowering themselves & the world to be a better place for all!
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      Originally Posted by smartren25 View Post

      Some People Will Do Anything for a buck ! Unfortunately it's the world we live in.... Hopefully moat folk here are about empowering themselves & the world to be a better place for all!
      I've found that most people here are actually honest and decent.
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    Mh370 was a very hot trend before few months. I have few videos with 100,000+ views. But that's over. Now it hardly gets 1000 views every week. Whenever a new trend is popular, capitalize on it. But registering domain's and selling it later is not a good business idea.
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  • If you don't have any morals or faith and millions of people are like that then go for it. Me, I would not. There is a creator even in Commie schools where I was brainwashed and creator was banned I knew there was one (I was just not allowed to say it in school). So I have fear and would not do it, and billions are like me. So faith can guide your ethics and solve your problem, and if you have no faith or ethics then don't worry the dark side needs you as on their side.

    If you don't believe in faith then look at it this way, have some compassion and empathy. God forbid your loved one was on MH370 and you saw someone trying to profit from it, how would you feel? So just have empathy and put your self in their shoes and let that guide you if you don't have faith.

    Anyway that is my take on it, do you want you want I do believe in freedom (which is my Christian name), so I defend the right of the bad guys to profits from human misery like domain flipping, I just am not going to be the one doing it.
    soon people... Relax...
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