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by PaulD1
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Can anyone please tell me their experience of "" as a source for solo ads? Are they a reliable and good source?

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    Not familiar with that one but I've heard a couple marketers rave about Arcamax.

    Another option would be to just do a search for fitness blogs and contact the owners of the sites that come up. Ask them if they would be interested in doing a solo ad for you. May find some little goldmines like that.

    Good luck

    I don't send traffic traffic to opt in pages anymore. I Do This instead...

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    I think the best source for solo ads is, it is the most popular website in solo ads
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    Honestly... I NEVER buy solo ads from... solo ad sellers!

    The emails are just passed around from solo ad seller to solo ad seller.

    I would rather go to a blogger... as SINGLE AUTHOR blogger who has HIGH engagment (think:lots of comments on his posts) or a fitness forum and contact the owner. Or even Ezines.

    Think about it... solo ad sellers .. sell to other solo ad sellers .. and they all BLAST their lists daily with 5-10 emails a day with the same offers.

    But a blog owner who typically only mails out his blog posts likely has a personal relationship with his list.. therefore, higher trust-ability, higher clickthrough rate.. higher conversions... equals more sales!

    Buy your solo's from people who have a relationship with their list... not someone who sells off their subscribers for a living!

    Trust me on this one!
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    I agree with the poster above. Solo ad lists that are being sold to every other tom, dick and harry are not the best things to use.

    Go and find websites or blogs or products that already have email lists but are not pimping them out with solo ads. They are your best bet.
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    They are a traffic source. You will not get targeted visitors no matter what they say. It will be generic and probably expired domain traffic. With a 25,000 campaign I would imagine maybe one optin.
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      I would rather go for advertising methods where you can target your audience very precisely and for ads on popular Fitness Blogs or Facebook Pages.

      I found some very popular pages in the Fitness & Bodybuilding niche, that had big and engaged audiences, and the owners agreed on very small prices like 10-15$ per one post (image + link). You can find a list of these pages at the link in my signature...

      I hope that helps!
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        NO! NO! NO!

        I used them last week and did not get what I paid for. They flooded my autoresponder with bogus, third-world email addresses.

        In fact, I am new to this forum and thought I would be helping people out and had posted a warning on WF. They banned me for a week. I just got back on.

        I have a claim filed with PayPal over this and it is in review. I hope to get my money back, or at least part of it.

        I just used Safe-Swaps and had a legit, above board experience. Not sure yet how the results will come out. But it a was legit and safe experience.
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    I don't know what your budget is but if you swing it I'd run a test newsletter ad with a site like Arcamax. They have a huge inventory and their subscribers respond really well to "general interest" offers like weight loss/fitness, make money online/biz opp, and dating & relationship type stuff.

    I once did a drop to promote a health offer on clickbank and got close to 300 sales for a $37 product. A run with a real newsletter like Arcamax isn't going to be "cheap" if you hit there whole list.

    So if you're on a budget you can test mailing 1/4, 1/2 of the list to get a good feel for how things will go. I can also PM you a copy of the squeeze page I ran with them that got over 63% opt-in rate.

    This is all inline with what Coach Comeback had to say... Going outside of the box from a normal "solo seller" if that makes sense.

    Hope this helps.
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    There's always old fashioned joint venture marketing. Contact ezine/website/email list owners and make a proposition. If they get a large amount of new leads/subscribers every week, and your product/campaign is profitable from the get-go..... then the partnership could be potentially super profitable.... for no cost on your part (maybe except for tracking... so your partner can see true live sales and results).

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    Directory of Ezines may be a good option for getting solo ads in a particular niche. Ive not used it myself but know that the guy running it has been around for ever. It aint free though!:-).

    The solo ads testimonial group is also good on Facebook, everyone gives feedback so there's a certain level of accountability. There's also the solo ads black list group which can give you some idea of who to steer clear of.
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    You are better of contacting authority site owners in you're niche directly and reaching out to them

    With this you are less likely to be ripped off by a savvy solo ad seller and if you're offer is targeted is going to have a higher CTR with the appropriate list
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    Getting solo ads for the fitness niche would be quite hard to get, the only way you could possibly get solo ads for the fitness niche is to search up fitness websites on google/yahoo/bing and see if these websites has a newsletter and accepts solo ads.

    Hope this helped
    Louis Betts

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    Most of these comment are true solo ad sellers basically piggyback off each other it's a waste forums are probably the best way to go without having to spend might take longer but sometimes patience is key
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