Optimizepress users I have a generic question for you.

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I was look at getting this plugin and it has 3 different pricing options ..

The 97 dollar option says 3 sites.

My question to you all is ... How do they know?

Can't you say ok and use it all you want anyway? Or is there a registration thing with it? Or is it more of a honor system?

Just curious. Thanks for the replies.
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    They only allocate you three API keys, and any time you install it on a domain you need to enter a valid API key. You can then see in your OptimizePress dashboard how many keys are being used and it tells you where it's being used.
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    If I can ask one more question

    If I had say XYZ.com QRS.com and 123.com

    And I decided that XYZ.com wasn't working out and I just let it expire and later registered 567.com .. Can I then install it on the new domain since the XYZ domain is no longer active? Or is this a once you install it you lose the API so to speak

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      You can yes, you can pretty much do whatever you want as long as your total registered sites don't exceed what you've paid for at any one time.

      For my two bobs worth, the product for unlimited sites is a bit overpriced. But I know I risk a flogging for saying that. There's a case for once you've paid for it, you get lifetime upgrades for free - like camtasia, imo.

      Just saying
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    I have an unlimited licence and I agree it was expensive but I can't complain because this is an excellent tool.

    If you're on a budget you can also check out Authority Pro. I've never used it but it looks a lot like OptimizePress and it's a lot cheaper. It's also one of Mark Thompson's products so you can buy with confidence.

    Hope that helps

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