What's are some of the most valuable Fiverr gigs?

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We all know that there are a bunch of crappy gigs on Fiverr. That said, what do you think are some of the most valuable gigs on Fiverr? What's the best one you've ever ordered? (Have you ever ordered one that gave you a great rate of return?)

Let's try to make this thread a "best of the best" list.
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    I only try logos, ebook covers, some sort of graphics and I am happy with those gigs.
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    See which ones sell the best.
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    I find the logo, header, and ebook cover gigs, as well as the SPOKESPERSON gigs the most valuable. Of course, I would like to think my writing gigs are high value too - but I may be a bit biased
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      Anything to do with writing for $5 is a bargain. Also Seo services are quite popular, esp SE Nuke services and .gov links.
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    Graphics, Video creation is good to buy from fiverr. Link building ? Better not.
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    Nice idea, James, but I reckon it's a tall order to try to make a list like that.

    Every gig I've ordered has had a specific purpose for me and I believe the quality of what I get back is down to:

    - my personal preferences and judgement after viewing the seller's gig and work
    - how good a match I think the seller is for the job in hand
    - my briefing and communication with the seller

    You're right there are good and bad, but I can't see any short cuts to finding the gold - you just gotta get in there and dig :-)
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    I've generally been very happy with the logos, ecovers, and graphics I've gotten from fiverr
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    For rate of return, it equates to time rather than money, if I can get a guy to do some graphics for me for $5 that would take me an hour and look like they've been created by a 3 year old girl then I'm happy.

    Also I use some guys to do technical stuff on Wordpress or site set ups that saves me time once again. So at the end of the day if I can pay out $10 in Fiverr gigs to save me half a days faffing about and get a better job done then it's worth it.

    I certainly wouldn't use SEO services on Fiverr on my money sites but for Web 2.0's etc there are some good gigs. There is also a decent press release service I use.
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    I've found some true gems on Fiverr. Design services (ebook cover, illustration, caricatures, etc.), creative writing, youtube video traffic, video creation, etc. There are a few services that are worth much more than $5. It's a bit tricky to find them, but if you spend a few hours on the site, and you try different search expressions, you'll eventually find the best services.
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    There is a good services on fiverr. But you need to check out the seller rating, feedback etc first. Just be careful and read the sales copy carefully.

    I usually use fiverr for link building.

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      Originally Posted by AbdulAzim View Post

      There is a good services on fiverr. But you need to check out the seller rating, feedback etc first.
      I've found the Fiverr review scores to be wildly deceptive. It seems as though a Fiverr worker who delivers his work on time will always have a perfect review score... but that tells you nothing about the actually quality of his work.

      (Do Fiverr review scores still operate this way? Or did they change things? Anyone happen to know?)
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    I've purchased great graphics gigs on Fiverr. Especially Logos
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    Graphics, technical problems, script readers, video sales pages. That's what I use Fiverr for.
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    Search for coco31_fuz at fiverr to get your caricatures done. Very friendly, easy to work with and with high quality.
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    Hey James Liberty

    Here a list of Fiverr Golden Nuggets :

    Note : All you need is to copy gig name and do a quick search on fiverr.com

    Press Release Submission:

    Submit your press release to the top 15 press release sites.
    Submit your press release to PR Buzz and SB Wire.
    Press release submission to 10 PR sites. (Optionally add 20 additional sites)
    Video Submission:
    Manual submission to over 30 of the top video sites.
    Manual submission to top 15 videos sites.
    Video Distribution to 10 video sites.

    PDF Submission:

    PDF submission to the top 15 document sharing sites.
    PDF submission to the top 10 document sharing sites.

    Slide Sharing Sites:
    Powerpoint submission to the top 12 slide sharing sites.

    Audio Submission:

    Audio submission to the top 15 audio sharing sites.

    Podcast Submission:
    Submit your mp3 / audio file to the top 10 podcasting sites.

    Image Submission:

    Submit your image to the top 15 photo sharing sites. (I like to create
    quote images and then submit them to the top image sites. Great
    backlinks and traffic.)

    Social Bookmarking:

    Social bookmarking to top 15 high PR sites. (Submit to 30 sites for just
    $5 extra)

    Audio Editing:

    Edit your audio or podcast for just $5.
    Clean up audio track. (Used by Evan Carmichael)
    Professionally edit your audio podcast.

    Kindle Traffic:

    Format your ebook for Smashwords submission. Smashwords will
    then distribute your ebook to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble,
    Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Flipkart, Oyster, the Diesel eBook Store,
    Baker & Taylor's Blio and more!


    Create an infographic for just $5.
    Submit your infographic to the top 30+ infographic directories.


    Create an awesome caricature drawing for just $5. (This guy is
    wickedly talented.)

    Whiteboard Animation:

    Create a whiteboard animation for just $5.
    Create a cool video scribe.
    Another extremely talented video scribe on Fiverr.

    Premium Graphic Design:

    One of my favorite graphic designers on Fiverr.

    Create Cover Art for Your Podcast:

    Stand out in the iTunes marketplace with profession cover art design.

    Professional Intro for Your Podcast:

    Produce an audio intro for Your Podcast.
    30-second intro for your Podcast.


    Create a professional ecover for just $5.
    Design a high-quality ecover for your next ebook or kindle
    cover. Another great designer on Fiverr.

    Logo Design:
    One of the best logo designers on Fiverr.

    Video Editing:
    The best video guy on Fiverr.

    PowerPoint Presentation Design:
    Done-For Your Powerpoint Design.

    Wordpress Fixes:
    Fix almost any Wordpress problem or issue.
    Your very own Wordpress guy.

    Move Wordpress Site to New Host For You:
    Move your Wordpress site to a new host for just $5.

    Hope this helps!

    Resource Blog for Beginner Entrepreneurs - OmarWhite.com

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    dont buy traffic on fiverr, get virtual assistants, social bookmark, press release and graphic.

    You might have to kiss a few frogs, but you will see some serious talent there.
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    Graphics/ ebook covers: colonfilm
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    OK as you already know, it is terrible to have grammar errors. Those will completely crush your copy. Also, they will kill your conversions. Here is my list of the most excellent editors on FIVERR! Put some FIVERR in your diet! Oh yes, these seven are the best of the best, and I use their services.

    • robinoo
    • regerar
    • fletchcastle
    • seyjan
    • samdobz
    • danisellis
    • hchogan
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      what about Fourerr dot com it has the same kind of gigs a fiverr but costs a dollar less.
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    Graphics are my best. you get the best from most of the gigs with high ratings
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    I have always got good results from graphic related jobs and I have never had much success from article writing jobs (always had to tweak them).

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