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I have some great articles written....magazine quality...but dont want to have to
search for and contact web site and ezine owners in hopes of them being published.

I have read its best to make the calls yourself...but I really want to outsource this.

I tried to read thru 'Ezine directory' sites...but they didn't seem to cover my niche.

Any suggestions on services that will do a good job on this?

Thanks in advance!

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    Sure, you can outsource this.

    Go to Odesk and hire a VA. Virtual Assistant that is.

    Describe what you want them to do and then hire one.

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    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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      Personally, I would never outsource nor use "software" for finding syndication partners. This marketing component of article syndication is so critical (more so than writing the articles), you really need to handle it yourself.

      Unless you're only in it for SEO backlinks, establishing on-going, working relationships with editors of publications and other syndication partners within your niche(s) is essential. This function cannot be effectively outsourced or automated.

      Your first step is to get a few articles published in 3-5 well regarded publications relevant to your niche. From there, you can query others generally by email or phone as a "published" writer.

      An excellent resource for finding editor contact information and publication-specific article submission requirements is Writers' Market.
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    You did the right thing, When you are not sure what to do, a good VA can be a good option,
    Odesk is a good platform for outsourcing.
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    Some of my clients offer virtual assistance services. I have never used their services, but if you'd like to, if it helps, I can connect you with them and speak to them directly. Just PM me your Skype ID and I'll forward it to them so they may contact you.

    By the way, did you write those magazine articles on your own or you outsourced the content writing?
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    Myob is absolutely right (as usual!!). Building a relationship with editors is just as important as building a relationship with your readers. Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable with anyone "doing the talking" for me.

    I also wouldn't want to publish anything on a site that I hadn't checked out myself. After all, each site has its own terms and guidelines. I also like to take a look at the other content they've published. You wouldn't believe how many sites I've scratched off my list because I don't want my good content surrounded by junk!

    One final point... If you find a couple of good sites on your own -- and your content is great -- you'll likely have editors/site owners contacting YOU to write for THEM.
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      Thats the problem...I have spent quite a bid of time looking thru Technorati and and other places for relevant sites with worthwhile traffic.

      MYOB - Ill check out Writers Market...thanks!

      Thanks all for your information and insight!

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        In this business, you need to think outside the box. As a suggestion, you may also submit articles to I have been averaging 3-5 new syndication partners per week for many years from this article directory alone - none of which I would ever have considered before as publication sources. This article directory in particular is still well regarded by ezine publishers and website owners for sourcing content.

        In my experience, it's not really even necessary for articles to have a "perfect fit" to be acceptable for publication. Editors are always hungry for quality content. If websites or publications have a readership base comprising at least a portion of my targeted demographics, they will get hit up for an article submission/query, no matter what may be the primary niche. The response can often be requests for slanting the articles or perhaps referrals to other publications.
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    I wouldn't look for a software to find article syndication partners.

    Just search for "niche" + "guest post" in Google, search through the listings, contact the website owners, and ask if they would like to publish one of your posts.

    I recommend contacting a certain amount of people everyday, maybe around 5 for starters.

    It take's awhile but if you consistently work on it, soon you will have a decent sized list of article syndication partners.

    Good luck!
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    list them in article directories like ezinearticles and other directories. They will decently get picked up by both google and other webmasters.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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      Hi there,

      If you have the articles ready and you are ready to syndicate them just hire any freelancer. Make sure to discuss the whole project and your requirements. Also ask for a partial list of those directories.

      After all your aim is to gain some traffic and authority through this syndication.
      Google DOMINATION SEO service - Take your site 1st page of Google.
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