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by Mr.S
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I would like to know what is the best way to password protect the entire content in main page/category and sub-pages. For example I have "Marketing tips" as main menu tab and in that main menu I have sub categories like "marketing tips for Moms" and second sub category"marketing tips for dads" etc. I password protected the main category "Marketing Tips" and made sub categories private but when I go to the menu the sub categories still show up. How do I make them invisible so nobody knows they even exist, but when you open the tab with password they will show. I want to password protect the entire category with sub categories it seems like I would have to password protect every sub page but I don't want people to keep on putting their password every time they change subcategories. Can I do that in wordpress or do I need to install membership plugin. (which would be the best) I hope I made my question clear enough so someone can help me. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    If your trying to do the membership site from scratch do yourself a favor and either get a plugin or theme that does it for you.
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      You do not want to mess around with wordpress. You need to select a membership plugin. There are so many out their and its preference.

      Take a look at:
      member rocket
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        Totally agree with the comment above. Plugin and themes makes creating membership site easier. Try the famous Optimizepress (mobile optimized), Wishlist, Fastmember, InstaMember (mobile optimized). For salespage, would recommend Optimizepress (again.. mobile optimized), Instabuilder (mobile optimized), or Profits Theme.

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    bumping it
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    Thank you for hustlinsmoke, joe ferdinando and maz1207 for your answers. I just got Theme X which is a new theme which looks great and I know on the forum there were some questions with compatibility with different membership plugin so it is not all clear so I though I could just password protect the entire category with sub categories as I described in my original post.

    Thank you
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    Hey Mr. S

    You can lock categories in Wishlist Member and I think you can make the categories visible to only those who are subscribed but I'm not 100% sure if this is so or how to do it.

    I'd recommend reaching out to various membership plugin vendors and asking them directly BEFORE you buy.

    All the best

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