Am I on the right track ?

by grumpyjacksa 6 replies
please offer some honest input. i have slapped up a little something for the company i work for, and there wasn't much content available to work with, but i would like your opinion please.

does the layout make sense ? the minibus pic leads to the minisite for the bus. if i had to do it for myself, the best would probably be to have an opt-in where the bus pic is now, followed by relevant advertising.

this site was obviously made for a south african audience, so the "muti" widget points to a local social bookmarking site, and "amatomu" is the local version of technorati

am i on the right track here, or am i barking up the wrong tree ?
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    I would say it's a pretty good site for one you just 'slapped up!'
    It must have taken a few hours to make.
    Good luck with it.

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    well the layout seems nice, a few links were not workign , do check up on that ...

    Now I see you have gotten your own theme and not a blogspot traditional theme which is good ... However, what you need to do immedialty is reduce number of post . cause as the visitor scrolls down the side bar on the right ends and there is huge empty place there which doesn't look nice ...

    Rest you can also add a few more keyword in your meta as you still have place left in your standard 62 character limit.

    Rest things look nice for now ... try adding usefull content , and you are good to go ..


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