Which cache plug ins work with no problems?

by ron200
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I need a cache plug in to speed up my site load time but every one I have tried screws up my site in some way. Mainly side menus go to bottom of page and some other things.

I have tried most 3 or 4 of the most popular ones and keep running into problems.
I have WP 3.8.1 so it needs to work on that. Any suggestions?
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    W3 Total cache. You won't find any better.
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    Yea but every time I install it my site instantly screws up. Menus on the side go to the bottom and site looks weird. Any suggestions on why this happens or how to correct it?
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    I would say that reflects on the theme or one or more of the plugins you are using and not on W3 Total Cache.


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    Not sure maybe it will not work with the template / theme you have installed? I have run into that problem with some plug ins that do the same thing with certain themes

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    W3 Total Cache again.

    You say it screws your site up, and I have had this before. There are certain elements you can actually turn off, and this stopped the display of the site screwing up.

    In my case, I turned off the Minify setting for Javascript, and the plugin worked.

    You could also try using CloudFlare (the free account), or use Jetpack to make your site load a little faster (CDN). Alternatively, move to another host (like WPengine).

    PS - I viewed your site and it loaded pretty quick.
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    I will try turning off they minify, I think I 1st encountered problems when I was messing with that function from a video tutorial. Yea sometimes it loads fast and sometimes it takes 15-20 seconds its weird.

    I turned off the minify andy it appears to be working correct now but I now see the message that i saw before:

    The setting change(s) made either invalidate the cached data or modify the behavior of the site. now to provide a consistent user experience. with a Empty the page cache button.

    Last time I saw this and clicked that it totally screwed up my site. Will I have to see that at top of dashboard forever now and not click it? lol

    Maybe if I click it then it won't mess up site because I have minify off?
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  • WP super cache works great for me
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    Like others above said, you won't find a better free cache plugin than W3 Total Cache, I use it on every website I make, it once sped up one of my sites by 500%. I would recommend going to their support forums to try to get help with whatever your problem is.
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    I prefer QUICK CACHE. It is an install and forget plugin. W3 can be hard to set up for 'newbies', in my opinion.

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  • I've always used WP Super Cache without any problems. It sounds to me like a plugin or theme conflict, or possibly a conflict with your hosting provider if you're using some obscure host with weird settings. The easiest thing to test for is plugin conflicts so I'd do that first, then the theme, then the host. If nothing works then one option already mentioned is Cloudflare or you could change hosting to something like WP Engine, which is a managed WordPress hosting provider that takes care of a lot of things for you (like caching your site). Never used them myself but have heard nothing but good things.
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    Will I do have an obscure host lol, I started using it a few years ago because of the free plan so I could mess around. I never had any problems but I never had a wordpress site then. Now I had to upgrade recently to be able to use Mail thru the website and access themes and plug ins within my dashboard.

    It very well could be on their end but not sure. Since I disabled the minify everything has been running good. I just have to resist hitting the button that says EMPTY PAGE CACHE or It will screw it up big time.

    I have 8 months left with this hosting plan and then I may switch to host gator or something.
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