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Ok, so I am new here (well relatively) and have a product ready to launch but have never done this before as a WSO. I have a series of PDFs and a slide show to put in front of the masses, but now in need of some helpful advice and guidance.

Any takers in my quest for stardom?

Cheers guys Barry J
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    if you have a slide show, youtube videos.
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    It's quit a complex process that can't just be taught in one post. It's kind of like asking someone how to fly a plane.

    I've launched many WSO's over the years. If you have some more specific questions then ask away and I'll do my best to answer them.
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    You will need to get affiliates aboard.Having a pre-launch list will help alot and give review copies away.Get some testimonials to build credibility and the more launches you do, the more you get the attention of affiliates as long as your product in high quality.

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    First things first, you will have to become a War Room Member...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    I think that there are lots of steps on this, but I will give some short tips:

    1. Find what would be the best channels to promote the app, is it twitter? facebook? linkedin? You can find out more here: How to Uncover the Best Marketing Channels for Your Startup

    2. Try to do some PR. I use Haro - Free Publicity - Connecting Reporters and News Sources - Help a Reporter Out - it is free and they send you 3 lists a day with reporters searching for sources. If you fit in one of them, just send your pitch

    3. You got to get reviews and downloads. This might happen when you complete step one and start to be present in all channels.

    One word of advice: if you can, be present in many different countries and languages. The world, despite being big, people are more close to each other than ever. So there is no reason not to have a worldwide presence.

    Hope I was useful.
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    First of all do you know your product is going to sell? Have you finished your ebook cover and content? Are the videos ready to go? Is the video or ebook content as a membership download or is it as a content download?

    Have you setup your autoresponder with a correct follow up sequence to ensure you engage people properly and to make sure you keep them in your sales funnel. Have you setup a sales funnel with additional products to market to your new customers?

    Have you linked in all your social media platforms into your site and started creating social signals to help with Google indexing and visibility? Social signals is a way of helping your sites ranking its not the be all and end all.

    Have you got your sales page sorted out and your WSO planned out, if you get a poor response are you going to bump it and at what stage will you call it quits?

    As Kayfrank has said read the WSO page

    Make sure you have your sales page written up and set out properly and have your FAQ post setup so that any common questions an be easily dealt with. Hve the next couple of days fairly open to deal with responses.

    A snappy response which answers the question or deals with the issue will help build the WSO popularity this can also increase sales. If you have a one time offer OTO make sure its specified and if need be clarify any questions that get asked.

    Lastly all the best for your future. its hard work but if it works can really help you. if not be prepared to look at what went wrong, learn from it and go for it again.

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    Before launching, you should have made some pre-launching campaign like

    Infographics - tells the people some facts about the current industry you are into and why they should choose someone like you. Use your PDFs to as the content for the Infographics

    Blog posts - you should have created a blog dedicated for that product or write on a reputable site with same target as yours. This will give your audience an idea of what you are going to sell and also it will give you the right feedback from your audience before your actual launching.

    Anyway best of luck to your launching campaign!
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    Be a creative one and do have lots of research. It really helps you a lot of ideas about in that matter.
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    1. Write out your sales page.

    2. Create a JV page (for affiliates to sign up to your offer).

    3. Create an "Early Bird" page (optional) for those who want to sign up to your
    early bird list and get instant notification when you go live.

    4. Set your launch date.

    5. Add your offer to & so that more affiliates can
    sign up to your launch.

    6. Set up your campaign at Warrior Plus or any other network that allows you to
    add your product listing to, add your payment buttons etc.

    And a few more bits in between.

    Then obviously launch your new WSO.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have the entire process described in my notes on Brendon Burchard's Total Product Blueprint

    Like my FB page and I'll get you a 30% off my best selling notes on Brendon Burchard's Total Product Blueprint:

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