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Hi all,
as a newbie, I have recently discovered a simple way to keep me focused and not bummed.
I've been in the biz for about 3 months and I haven't made my first sale yet.
but I've learned that checking my clickbank/ account twice a day is just depressing.
Of course I really want to see my first sale already, but seeing all the zeros dose not make me feel any better.
so I decided not to check my account for a whole week and it really did the trick, now I can focus only on working and progressing without being reminded every second that I'm still not selling.
If I do get my first sale I will see it when I eventually check my account anyway.

That's it, hope it will help you too,

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    Yes, sounds similar to what people on Weight Watchers are told: only check your weight once a week, for all the same reasons.
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    Hi MunkMurray

    It's great to hear that you found a way to keep focused and well done for not checking your clickbank/paypal account often. I would just like to add that if you limit the amount of time your check your emails ie. to max twice a day - then you'll also save yourself even more time and be even more focused.

    Thanks again for sharing your advice again.

    Best wishes and hope you get lots of sales flooding into your paypal account soon!
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    Hey Munk,

    what I would recommend you do is
    to get detached from that sale.

    Don't make it the ultimate goal of your day to day
    efforts. Instead focus on a bigger picture of financial
    freedom and/or public acknolegement.

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    Create a time management for your work. Like focus 80% on completing the work and 20% on planning how to improve your work.

    If you're doing affiliate marketing, you might need to do work like posting forum, write blog comment/ post, writing articles and etc to drive traffic for your business. Give yourself a commitment to complete ALL the work before you do other things.

    There's a book called "Ultimate Sales Machine" by Chet Holmes. In one of the chapter it says stop to let other things interrupt you while doing your work. Some of the things are just not urgent and important, but it can affect your work efficiency.

    If your work to post 20 forum post, 10 blog comment, write 3 articles and create a video, then you need to fully focus to complete ALL of them before you try to check your email or paypal account.

    Tips: Turn off your email notification and also MSN messenger, these are the things will interrupt you while working.

    Listen to the music that motivate you.

    You can also watch some of the GURUs videos that show off their income proof, sport cars, luxury houses and etc. This will help to motivate yourself as well.

    Thank you.
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    Hello Munk, very good! This is so synchronstic as I came to the exact same realization last week. I had a good streak of day to day sales last month (albeit small ones) so I got into the habit of checking my affiliate stats every day in the expectation to see this continue. When it didn't I became frustrated and lacked motivation to keep working. It was ridiculous! Now I haven't checked for over a week and my work accomplishment is as good as it was in the beginning of my blog. I figure I will only look at the end of the month or maybe once a week.

    So the best everyday (or weekly) goals are to achieve an x amount of content, an x amount of promotion, an x amount of SEO etc - and judge your success by that. NOT that you make an x amount of money everyday. That should come later. How much later, that is the question...maybe half a year?
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    It's like checking the mail/the answerphone continuously while you are waiting for an important message, or watching the kettle to see it start boiling - all no good. It will all come, in its due course, and if you are doing something really meaningful in the time, you are just more likely to have to check your account often.
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      Good advice, I was a statistic checking junkie! Then I decided not to do it for a week. When I next checked there was my first sale!!
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    What are you selling?

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      Originally Posted by Jon Steel View Post


      What are you selling?

      I'm selling my own weight loss product,
      Of course at the moment I'm selling nothing but my blog is coming along pretty good and traffic is improving,
      so I think i'm doing fine for now...
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    Managing your time effectively and being more productive is not a 'sexy' topic, yet it is a silent success system. What I mean is the people who can produce the most work and make the most of their time are the ones that make the most money and are ultimately the most successful - this is especially appropriate when starting off in Internet Marketing.

    After you've put the hard yards in and made some decent money then you can use that money to outsource some of the more 'demanding and time-consuming' tasks.
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    I found what works for me is to write my daily goals down and tape them up next to my desk. It helps me stay focused and not get distracted.

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      Hi MunkMurray,

      Here is a copy of a post I put up at a membership site I am part of.

      Posted Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 8:27 AM

      Hi Guys,

      I have never made a penny online, (except for a few things sold on Ebay, and thats not really IM).
      I was watching the recording of Chris' affiliate video at about 2:30 this morning, and when he mentioned his clickbank ID, I went to clickbank and searched for it (I think he said "Farrell10) but couldn't find it. While I was there, I logged in to my account as I do every couple of months and to my surprise, found this.

      Sat Jun 06 $0.00
      Fri Jun 05 $0.00
      Thu Jun 04 $0.00
      Wed Jun 03 $0.00
      Tue Jun 02 $0.00
      Mon Jun 01 $0.00
      Sun May 31 $0.00
      Sat May 30 $0.00
      Fri May 29 $0.00
      Thu May 28 $0.00
      Wed May 27 $30.49
      Tue May 26 $0.00
      Mon May 25 $0.00
      Sun May 24 $0.00
      Sat May 23 $0.00


      I don't have a list, I have been jobhunting for the last 3 months, so I only have 5 subscribers so far, and I can't remember creating the hoplink for this sale, but when I checked the details, I had sold a copy of the "Create" video's. I was so surprised by my discovery, I went to bed with a grin on my face, and a feeling of hope and belief in the fact that this could actually work!

      So to all the Newbies out does work, keep on doing what you need to do and don't give up.

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    Hope them sales start kicking in as much as we can't stand the 9-5ers we have to keep the paycheck concept in mind. You don't get paid till the end of the week or even 2 weeks at 9-5ers while putting in work and all we can do is think about the money we can't grasp it until payday.

    Try to do the same here put in your work, check your emails twice a day until you start picking up and if you don't see a transaction in you email then don't check your paypal.

    Have a good week Warrior
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