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hi all
i would to hear from your opinon on my dating squeeze page as i don't get any decent opt in from it

pls voice out how you feel and would you enter your email if you are the one who see this?

thanks in a million
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    Congrats. You made first move.

    Do a little more work on your page, specialy on your order form. Doesnt look profesional when you have cutted signup form. With leadpages you can build much much better squezee pages. For dating you can also include some picture of hot girls But most of the time, simple work the best. Just test, test, test...
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      Originally Posted by Uros Novak View Post

      For dating you can also include some picture of hot girls
      I think we are thinking along the same lines here ... although unless it is a 'Male Only' dating site, make sure you have both sexes and not just girls, otherwise this will drastically deduct the amount of opt ins!

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    Originally Posted by t3rry7im View Post

    hi all
    i would to hear from your opinon on my dating squeeze page as i don't get any decent opt in from it

    pls voice out how you feel and would you enter your email if you are the one who see this?

    thanks in a million
    Hi mate,

    These are my honest opinions..

    1. You have solely text and I really think you should have at least one solid image to attract opt ins more, it will naturally be nicer on the eye, especially for this niche. (a stock cliche happy couple with hearts or get the idea!)

    2. If you are mainly targetting US/UK speaking countries (I'm assuming?) then you really need to get this either proof read or outsource the copy. I realise it is such a small amount of text but the vocabulary isn't very good. This will drastically impact sign-ups IMHO.. people can be put off in a couple of seconds on any webpage, let alone a squeeze page. At the moment to me this page would not enlist confidence in the product.

    BTW there are many websites you can pay easily under $10 £10 to get well written copy for something like this.

    Hope this helps you a little with your project

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    I agree with the opinions shared in this thread. You have to work on the copy, even a non-native English speaker like me can spot the mistakes. I think this will heavily impact the sign-up rate.

    Also, it's too clean imo. The white backround doesn't really convince me. Give your potential customers something visual to back up the decision to sign up for your offer.
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    Get A Pic, Have someone proofread for incorrect grammar, Change your opt in form. You need something to make it "POP". None the less, keep plugging away, test, and test again.
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    Most people that are looking for info in this niche have visited some pick up forums. On these forums, local gurus preach the 3 second rule, that you have 3 seconds to grab attention. Check theattraction forums.
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    I totally agree with Uros Novak

    For Just $5, I will write 5 emails that will pull SALES for you @

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    Make sure that everyone of those bullet points is mentioned in your FREE

    Make sure you continue to market that same material if you are going to sell
    them something further down the line too.


    Because YOU now know why someone has opted into your list in the first place.

    Stay consistent with your marketing, give them what they want.

    Then charge them for it.

    The more targeted the better.
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      I think the whole page needs to have a slicker look and feel.

      Additionally, the head line is frankly depressing, you have to give something to the reader. Better to say something like:

      "Learn the one trick which is guaranteed to get the girl of your dreams"

      This way they immediately feel, like they are going to get value.

      I would dispense with the other bullet points they become tricky to read and complicate things, lastly just grab the email not the name and the email, as it has been proven to increase opt in rates dramatically.
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        Originally Posted by Paul Langham View Post

        ...lastly just grab the email not the name and the email, as it has been proven to increase opt in rates dramatically.
        YES and that ^^
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    I little bit off topic but in the tab your site reads "ategirlexpert" which would be a totally new topic altogether.LOL
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    Its for a relationship or dating product you have to have images to really make an impact there, the bottom of the optin cuts off on my end. Try making it about 10 percent smaller see if that helps.

    Great job though on it though, keep pluggin away.
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      It is looking nice but the sign up form is cut. So give it complete look.
      Also put a picture of a beautiful women on the squeeze page. It is human pshycology that they get more attracted when a opposite sex recommend them to do something.

      By placing a pic of beautiful girl on your squeeze page more of your visitors will sign up.

      Google DOMINATION SEO service - Take your site 1st page of Google.
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        thanks everyone for your value comments.
        i will get it done to get better result

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    hmmm... looks ok... but I wouldn't put my email into it... of course, I'm a marketer... but if I were to position myself as someone who needs that kind of advice, I'd probably put my email in the box. It's a matter of getting that squeeze page in front of the right people/audience/crowd.

    Now, don't just focus on that 1 squeeze page.

    Come up with 3 to 5 different variations and test those.... if you're not testing different squeeze pages, then you need to be.
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      I think there's plenty of room for improvement.


      1. Change the title font, just use a traditional bold sans serif font, also a dark grey color.

      2. The sub header is a bit too long.

      3. I'd add video to the page, either get in front of the mic yourself or outsource.

      4. The optin form is bland and dated looking, I'd replace with a 1 click optin. People are becoming ad blind to the traditional optin forms, so the single click optin works well, see an example on my site, Bring It Video | Online Video Marketing Specialists

      Click the orange button under the main video. This is easy to set up.

      You just need a slicker look, nicer fonts and formatting.

      Good luck.
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        To be truthful, it's great that you got started at all, but all you have to do is google relationship/dating and get the following url that in turn lists the Top 10 Dating Sites.{%22slb%22:50974,%22sr %22:null,%22blrs%22:571}

        Look at each of the sites listed. Notice how different they are to yours? Well to succeed, that's what your competition looks like.

        They all seem to have that slick but tasteful feel to them, together with a quality pic of a male or female.

        Look, great that you've started - but these are easy ways you can improve the look of your site in a way that's guaranteed since the top dudes are using it

        Hope this helps....
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    The squeeze page looks simple and clean . But i think you put some attractive images to go on ! Try to impress the user attention in 5 seconds of the visit !

    Second, Put some more text in it !

    Good job though
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    Hey, Images do Better
    and try to use a counter (from 60 seconds and going down) to make them take action ASAP .
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    As most of them are saying, I agree that you need images, some HOT images, at least it will tempt the visitor to drop in their details.

    As you have rightly stated in your tag line, "You only have 60 seconds to get a woman's attention" same way, you only have 6 seconds to get a visitor's attention to your website!

    Work on that. Make it more visually appealing.

    Go to Fiverr or Odesk and find someone good. The landing page can be redesigned with as low as $5.

    All the best!
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    Now its time to play around or optimize it. Do a little changes at a time. Maybe change the background or the color. Create tables and put the content in them on your page, maybe play around with the text. If the text or copy has been converting on another page then its simply your layout or theme. Test, test, test

    I had a squeeze page that was getting around a measly 4 to 8% conversion rate and all I did was changed an image to some off the wall image and my opt in rate jumped to 38%. That really was the day my eyes opened up for understanding how every campaign you create needs to be tested and optimized to make money. If definitely doesn't not happen on the first try
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