If only InternetMarketing = Army life.

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I'm still serving my mandatory army service and i'm left with about a year before i'm free.

Through out the past year, i'd gone through thick and thin with my army buddies. Situations like we are left without food and water, exhuastion etc etc would never hinder our progress. Because we would help one another, give each other food and water and carry their loads no matter how little food we had left or how tired we are.

So my point is, if only i can find 2 buddies that are into internet marketing and we would sit down together and brainstorm solutions and ideas. I believe this will shorten our learning curve, fasten the money making process and everything would be done with half the effort needed if done individually. Do you agree?

Now the question is, where to find such mates?! How many of you here have such relationships? If you do, i'm sure you are doing well!

p.s. I'm from SINGAPORE! Pm me if you are like me, DEAD serious in IM, and are complete newbie to it!
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    Wouldn't it be interesting if you could arrange a group to sit in a room and market every day for a couple of hours?

    I guess the trick to it would be deciding on profit sharing.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Originally Posted by dvduval View Post

      Wouldn't it be interesting if you could arrange a group to sit in a room and market every day for a couple of hours?

      I guess the trick to it would be deciding on profit sharing.
      why not? I'm sure by doing it together, it will be more profitable even after dividing the dividends.
      WSO: I PROMISE/GUARANTEE you that this will be the LAST WSO you will ever need to purchase!

      Here's the thing. The above may seem too good to be true but all I can say is there isn't even 1% hype or BS in the above sentence. This WILL BE YOUR LAST WSO to purchase.
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        I'm game for a chat as I'm lonely in my efforts and wouldn't mind getting serious in a small group.

        Afterall that's what the guru's do.

        Owner bestfivereviewed.com

        Started this stuff 2009. Time is what will teach you the skills you need.

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    Definitely get into it. Seems like everyone else in Singapore is an IMer, so why not you?

    Big difference between military life and IM life. At the end of the day, it's all up to you, you won't have your army buddies there helping you along when you're down.

    As for where to find these people for your mastermind group... well you're at the perfect place

    Sean Morrissy
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  • I think this is part of why our Bootcamps do so well -- we basically lock everyone in a room for five days until they have a complete site up that is actually SELLING. People bounce ideas off of one another, they help one another solve problems, and they're all in it together (along with some of our best coaches). They've left consistently feeling like ramping up together made all the difference.

    Sure, you can be a lone wolf, and MANY entrepreneurs make it like that. But it's not something you NEED to do... you can have community, especially in the era of social media.

    That's part of why we started our entrepreneur group on Facebook, too -- and now we have 6 K members!

    The official account of the Internet Marketing Center. Stop by InternetMarketing.com to connect -- we'd love to meet you.

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