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I am in the process of writing a Kindle book for a fairly hot niche.

I am also knowledgeable in said niche, and I am essentially making it an enormous compilation of everything you need to get started in this niche - and a whole bunch of extra information on top of that.

Now, I've had some people suggest that I split the book up into smaller segments, and sell it as 2-3 books, as it is certainly quite a large book.

What would be the best way to approach this?

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    If it is an fairly hot niche then I would see how many Kindle books are already on Amazon and how they sell. Splitting would not be really an good idea when the book is about how to start in that niche.

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    How many pages are we talking about? If it's more than 100-120, then you might want to split it up into two parts.
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    Okay, not to criticise your writing style, but WHAT IF people don't like part 1 and then you lose all that money because people don't buy part 2 and 3?
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    I personally would never sell on kindle. Think of it like this, if you price a book at say 9$, everybody freaks because they think its so expensive. The average book on kindle sells for about $4. I would personally make a squeeze/sales page. You can sell your ebook for $20 and people will still buy it.
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      Hi mundau!

      If what you are describing is nonfiction, then I agree with BigNate. You simply cannot get the best price via any eBook distributor.

      If it's a market that would appeal to the IM crowd, consider a WSO and upselss/downsells for the other content you describe, and if it's not, try using your own sales page.

      If you are really set on eBook distribution, it could work as a series, but it depends on how you can split things. You can't create multiple books if there is no natural stopping point. If, however, there is a built-in beginner/intermediate/advanced element, then it would work.

      The key element in that scenario would be to release them all at once: That way, folks can get at any/all levels and make multiple purchases.

      On the off chance that you are describing fiction, then the eBook marketplace is the way to go, but you'd have to look at the involved genre to determine if readers are responding to serials/series there.

      Happy Writing!

      "Words have weight." ~ Stephen King

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    Thanks everyone for your helpful advice and feedback! I appreciate it and I've changed my plan. Thanks again!
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    Use a sales funnel. Give away the first book free to cast a large net of readers. Second book $1.99, third book $2.99. Packaged as one book $3.99.

    But like two guys suggested earlier, if it's non fiction I would first experiment with releasing it as a downloadable eBook from your website for $19.99 or better.
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    I was going to suggest something similar to NetJunkie.

    Think of a sales funnel.

    Perhaps sell them individually or offer a saving for a bundle of three.

    Or you could give the first one away and then give the option for people to buy the second books individually or as a bundle for a discount.

    I think you'll have to test whether it's better to give the first book away for free or charge for it. Kindle - like most things - has changed with time.

    Perhaps you should also think about what you're going to be doing in the future. You could price your books to get them into as many hands as possible and build as big a following as possible so in the future you have a larger audience to immediately buy your new releases and send you higher up the charts.
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