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Hey Guys

I bought Tim Gormans guide to article marketing, which explains keyword research on EZA.

However in the other sections it talks about creating back links to the articles you submit in order to get them higher in the search engines.

I'm planning on doing the numbers game submitting LOTS of articles, do I seriously have to create a squidoo page, a yahoo answers account, post on forums etc all just to point to each article i submit!?

Surely this isn't physically possible?

Have I got this completely wrong? If you could give pointers on what works for you guys that would be great...


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    Yes for maximum results you should. Building links is key to search engine rankings. Building blog farms can make this easier because you can work somelinks into old posts and page. You can leverage your lenses later on for more links as well.

    Slime England

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    Not necessarily for every article you submit. Some articles will make it to the top of the search engines on their own without any additional back links needed.

    Also, you can be selective in the niches you use these techniques on - For example, if you have a poor paying/performing niche and a high paying/better performing niche than you would focus your attention on the high paying niche unless you felt that you could turn the other niche into a money maker utilizing these methods.

    Start small, build a few sites, get them on autopilot than you can consider expanding to more sites.

    The mthods shown are much easier to implement for one of 2 sites instead of trying to do it all for lots of sites.

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    Yeah -what Tim said.

    The phrase "it's a numbers game" gets thrown around way too much and misleads people into thinking lots of crap will work, when it's not such a simple world.

    nothing to see here.

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    thanks for all of your help guys. I currently only have one niche - which is in the adwords IM niche, and looking to drive traffic to my squeeze page.

    Would an idea be to focus on backlinking to 5 submitted articles first via the methods described in the ebook... and then order 5 more - rinse and repeat rather than ordering 100 articles and slapping them on EZA?


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