Am I going in the right direction?

by Jan79
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Hi Warriors,

Thought to get some new looks on how I'm handling things right now. Since September 2013 I've started creating and posting content to my tourism website about the Netherlands (It's called 'Netherlands Tourism').

I currently have close to 450 articles posted on the website and I'm adding new content every day. Although the number of visitors is very slowly rising and I have been doing some link building (got some great relevant links already) I still only have about 150 visitors a day. I do see that my rankings in Google are slowly rising, but it's really slow.

So my question is, do you think that this kind of website has the potential to make me an income? The next is, should I be concerned about the low number of visitors? Do you think I should just keep adding content and be patient or am I missing out on something? Maybe someone can help me with a way to get more natural links, but all I seem to find is scammy looking seo firms that charge too much money. Tips and ideas on increasing my rankings are most welcome.

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    I would like to say only one thing. Write article for people not for google. This advice I get from famous blogger John Chow. And you will have more comments and more likes on your page. This will help you to get even more rankings in google.
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      Originally Posted by Uros Novak View Post


      I would like to say only one thing. Write article for people not for google. This advice I get from famous blogger John Chow. And you will have more comments and more likes on your page. This will help you to get even more rankings in google.
      I do sort of agree with you. In my opinion you should write the MAJORITY of your articles only for the people that read your blog.

      However, writing a few "seo bot" articles is just good, smart, business. It can get your more readers because of better rankings.

      Now, please understand that just because you're writing an article with SEO in mind absolutely does NOT mean to forget about the reader. After all, being well ranked does you no good if the article doesn't get people to read the article, to come back to your blog, to subscribe to your email list.

      That requires that the article be easily read by a human. But making sure it's written with an "SEO" focus, and doing that every now and then ... I think that should be done.
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      Originally Posted by Uros Novak View Post


      I would like to say only one thing. Write article for people not for google. This advice I get from famous blogger John Chow. And you will have more comments and more likes on your page. This will help you to get even more rankings in google.
      Very true! You must love what you do and post. Else what is the point?

      We handle all your WordPress Content,Theme and Plugins updates!

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    HI Uros,

    Thanks for your tip, I have written all articles really for the user (not or search engines). I also based the layout on what would be good for the user. But maybe I am also in a very competitive market.

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    I haven't thought about SEO in writing, I thought it would be better to write for the user and that it would more easily result in natural links... but natural links don't seem to happen that often.
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    Just keep writing quality articles, and your website will gain authority in the long term. If you want to speed up the process, you can use seo services - there are many of them in the WSO and the Warriors for hire section, but the best services are quite pricey ($50-$100 per month).

    Of course, you can always get free traffic (from forum signature links, utilizing Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest - I think the latter one would be the best for your site).
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      What kind of seo services would you suggest? I could put some of my budget in that, I don't mind investing some money. I jus don't want to buy a service that could do me harm of course.

      I already utilize facebook and post relevant content there, I've got 70 followers and it slowly grows. I should also get more into Pinterest like you suggest, thx.
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    It's funny how a good question like this does not get a lot of attention. yeah, sounds like your doing OK. The key is consistency. Did you do your research on your market and niche first to see what the demand is?

    Just use the google keyword planner and that should give you an idea. Sounds like you have a lot of content on your site which is good. Now say post 500 unique articles to different high page rank article sites all linking back to different pages or post to within your website.

    Make sure the titles and content of your article are keyword optimized and that should get you going pretty good.... Then its up to how you are monetizing the traffic.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Yes I did do some research actually, I've seen that most top results don't give enough information including a map with activities (clickable to learn more). I currently have a travel guide on 48 cities in the Netherlands so I'm quite sure that the search potential would be enormous, but it will be difficult to rank I guess.

    I was under the impression that article submitting / guest posting isn't liked by Google as much anymore (or is going to be less liked this year). So currently I have only focussed on getting links on travel blogs and relevant sites to the Netherlands.

    Good tip of the titles, I should change all the ones for my city guides.

    Monetizing is not really an issue yet, I'm first going to focus on content and visitors.
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    Have you considered advertising?

    If I had a choice between investing in advertising or SEO, my money would go to advertising, every time.

    Why invest in something Google can wipe out in a second?
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Well at the moment I don't have any income from the website, I do have one affiliate search box, however it did not really convert into money yet. So I guess advertising won't be my best option then or not? Or would it help create exposure and links you mean?
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    With 150 hits a day why not put adsense on it and see what happens?
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    It's refreshing to see a thread where the majority believe in quality content over SEO. Keep doing exactly what you're doing right now. In the long term you'll be way ahead. You haven't mentioned what your plans are for this site. If you're not already doing it you should consider putting together a Netherlands Tourist guide and offering it on your site in exchange for a visitor's contact information.

    Again, it's hard to comment without knowing your plan but I would stay away from Adsense. What would be the point of busting your hiney to get visitors only to have them click away for pocket change?
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      Yes I'm staying away from adsense, I would rather offer some relevant affiliate products (like the search box I have now). Is there someone who would take a minute to have a look at the website who could provide me with some feedback on the quality and user experience? I could PM you the link.
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    If you've written 450 unique articles since September I think you need a medal - I'm impressed. I manage about two a week!
    Jan, are you running a business Facebook page alongside your blog?
    Boosting posts on Facebook to your target audience is a good way to generate new traffic.
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    First of all, congratulations on taking action, consistently, every single day! Just from that, I'll conclude that you've got what it takes to make it in this business... many of the people who get in this business don't stick with it.

    So my opinion is, yes, you can make an income from your niche... you're getting daily visitors and now the key is to continue doing what you're doing, but applying social media to it as well... a fb fan page and posting your article links on your fan page.

    Also, are you collecting leads on your website? If not, do that now.

    You need leads to market to through an auto responder... or even a phone number from your visitors... I prefer email marketing.

    Aside from that, SEO takes a long time... don't put your main focus on that, but continue doing it since you're getting visitors from it.
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      Are you building a list? With the right optin bribe it will add up, even with 150 visitors a day right now. When you make really outstanding posts, email your list about it and be sure to have social sharing icons on your pages. You should also consider guest posting on relevant sites.
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    I'm not maintaining a list at the moment, I have some ideas to offer a downloadable pdf guide that requires an email for example. But I provide tourist infomation so once someone has visited the country they won't be interested in any deals I could offer for some time I guess.

    Mainly, what I am getting from this thread is that I best keep posting content and that I'll slowly get more and more authority and visitors. So that's what I as planning on doing anyway.

    One thing that I might look into is writing some sort of linkbait articles, so articles that would get a lot of shares and links because they are very usefull and entertaining... or a free city map or something.
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    You are doing good Jan. Just read the whole thread and most of the things have been covered. All I can say is, kudos to you for consistent action and for asking some good questions. I am sure many newbies benefited from this discussion.
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    Thanks, I've been getting a lot of useful tips. I'm going to keep adding content every day and check out my meta titles and descriptions. I will also go through every article to check if there are possibilities for links to my other articles, this will make navigating easier for users and I have so much more content now to link to, I'm sure lots of relevant innerlinks can be added.

    Linkbuilding wise I already got some great links by reaching out to relevant websites and contacting some forum member. I also noticed some natural links (even a PR6 Dutch psychology blog). So I'm just gonna sit back and see what happens naturally, or maybe if I see something interesting on the forum I will check out some SEO advice and services.

    Of course I'll keep posting to my facebook page and I'm also gonna check out what Pinterest can do for me. I should also read more about this getting a list, I'm new to that.

    Goal for this month is reaching 500 articles.
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    An update for those that want to know how it's going and to tell that working hard and just keep going will reward you... it takes time but it works. Currently I have translated my content also into Dutch (first it was only in English) and I am now close to 1000 posts in my wordpress website.

    I just keep writing and adding cool things to do in the Netherlands and add them in both languages at once. I've been contacting other websites to link to me and even some museums are now linking to me...(I've also noticed that even wikipedia put me on one of their pages) My website is really getting to be an authority, but there's still a lot of work to be done. Currently I am getting over 500 visitors each day.

    It's still a struggle sometimes because it takes a lot of work and time to get to the top... I hope that in 2015 I will have thousands of visitors each day.
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    You could also try monetizing your blogs with Amazon ads. They seem to convert really well..
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      How about selling your site and build another site and use the money from your site profits and pay towards advertising for your new site? Just a thought.
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        Originally Posted by aubreymichael View Post

        How about selling your site and build another site and use the money from your site profits and pay towards advertising for your new site? Just a thought.
        Why would I sell the website? The website keeps getting more and more visitors... It's my hobby and hopefully one day my fulltime income
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          Are you using images and videos to keep people on your site for longer? How long visitors stay on a page & site is a factor in search engine ratings.

          I only mention this as I've had it pointed out as a weakness on one of my sites.

          Looks like you're doing everything right though. There's guys here that would kill for 500+ unique posts and visitors into 1000+ per day. Great work.
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            If you have a back link from Wikipedia, and a PR6 backlink along with other back links there is no reason you should not be ranking well. The only thing that I could think of is your on page SEO. I see that there has been some mention already with the title and description. Try a few articles and go a bit further.

            When you are thinking of a post title of lets say a review of a park I would be drawn towards writing a "A review of the majestic play park" The SEO side of that, thinking that the SEO portion of this is the name of the park... and the fact that it is in the Netherlands It should be "Play Park located in city Netherlands - Local Review"

            The idea here is to get what would be the targeted keyword as far to the front of the title as possible. an clearer example:

            "Savidge4 is my name" will out rank "My name is Savidge4" if the targeted keyword is "Savidge4"

            So we now have a SEO correct title. The next thing you want to do is DUPLICATE the title using H1 text on the very 1st line of you post.

            Savidge4 is My Name
            A goal... actually a bit more than a goal, almost a requirement is to have your "Keyword" used 1.8% in total on a 500 word post ( That would be 9 times ). If your title is correct and you are using breadcrumbs at this point you should have the keyword used:
            • #1 in the URL
            • #2 in the breadcrumbs
            • #3 in the first line
            You then in the text want to use it once in the first paragraph, as close to the end of the post as possible "Feel free to comment on your experience with Play Park below." You also want to use it in the text 2 more times semi evenly spreadin the middle of the text.
            • #4 First Paragraph
            • #5 Upper mid text
            • #6 Lower mid text
            • #7 end of the text
            So that leaves us with needing to find 2 more locations. I am assuming you would be using images in your post. You can consume the 2 remaining spots with the use of 1 image. The image name, and then the image alt tag. However, If you have more than 1 image it is PREFERED that you use the Image alt tags to use the remaining spots.
            • #8 Image alt tag
            • #9 if 1 image is present use the image name, if more than one image use 2nd Alt tag
            Before people go bananas with all of this... I have used the 1.8% rule for YEARS. with the exception of way back in the day when stuffing was REQUIRED to get your page listed, this has been found to be a very safe and effective percentage to work with.
            The other thing that will raise eyebrows... Actually using the keyword... many will say using similar phrase and whatever. NO, that does not work. use the actual keyword!
            Some other things that have been mentioned, that will work very well for your site. inner site linking is very important. many times it can be difficult to figure out what to link where. In your case I would suggest creating Pages - not Posts for each of the 48 cities you have written about. place a link on each and ever post pointed towards the City page, and from the City page link back to ALL of your Posts related to that city.
            Just by doing that, you are creating obviously 48 new pages, 96 actually if you are writing one in English and the other in Dutch.
            Anyways, this is the method that I use, and for me it absolutely works. It honestly does not take away from a natural writing style, very quickly you will find that you just start writing that way. I wrote 2 articles today and didn't have to change a thing when I was done.
            Hope that Helps!
            Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Yes I do use a lot of images and sometimes a video. In fact every post has at least one image in it on top of the post that depicts the attraction, city or sight that I am writing about. And a lot of my posts have an image gallery after the post.

    Also each post about an attraction/sight/museum has a google map in it so you can see where it is and also see all the other activities on my website that are close to it, this way the user can easily navigate to relevant posts.
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    I also think, write for visitors, BUT ALSO WRITE SEO OPTIMIZED ARTICLES !

    BIG MISTAKE: You are leaving traffic on the table by not writing related seo content articles, and as a result you have lost a certain percentage of traffic from not doing this .

    Now, I am not suggesting at any moment , that you do not write for visitors, on the contrary, you do both, meaning write content that is not wrote with seo in mind, BUT DO NOT IGNORE feeding the visitors the SEO optimized content, information, they are looking for on Google.

    Use this tool calle ....The google keyword planner ( spy tool) allows you to look deep into the minds and souls of your target market, they are telling you the exact information they are looking for and the content you should provide to them, so would you not want to do that and why you did not do that means you did not study SEO, as a result you missed an opportunity to drive more traffic with optimized seo content.

    If you go to a restaurant you look at their menu and select the food you want, so think of providing your audience and google food that your target audience is looking for and google will serve that meal (content) to your audience resulting in more traffic,

    Before you invest in SEO, you need to study it, why would you give your money to a seo company if you do not understand the mechanics of SEO, it is not rocket science but if you do not understand you are at a disadvantage they can RIP you OFF if you end up with the wrong seo company and do bad seo that will get you penalized, so it is a must that you understand the basics of seo.

    One more tip:

    Come up with content called LINK BAIT, research it and find how to create it to drive even more traffic.
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    Hi there Jan,

    It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job with the content! Creating articles is fantastic for Google, but I think you would ramp up your views (and products sold!) if you use social media and advertising to back up the work you are doing for Google.

    If you have a Facebook page and a Twitter page and follow others in your niche and post great content linking to your site then you will start attracting more organic traffic.

    Also, think about creating a freebie to give away, such as a free report or such, to get people on your email list. What we have found is that if we do Facebook ads for a squeeze page, we get very good results with people signing up to join our email list. They will then go routing through your website and share your content too!

    Hope this helps, good luck with it!

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    Hey Jan!

    You've already been given some great advice by others in this thread.

    But I wanted to tell you how awesome of a job you're doing by sticking with the site. To be honest, 99% of other marketers would have probably thrown in the towel by now.

    This by itself puts you leaps and bounds ahead of most.

    So keep doing what you're doing, learning as you go, and your success will be inevitable.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Thx for all the tips. I'm also gonna read into this linkbait kind of articles. Then for the next month I'm going to change all my metadescription for tags that I've got (tags like 'Things to do in Amsterdam'). I think that should help too.
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