How can i market my websites.

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How can I market my websites. Please guide me ihave more then 3 website

Explore the World of Pakistan@ pakchoicez dot com

Naat Collections of Owais Qadri @ alhajowaisrazaqadri dot com

All type of SMS @ smsbundle dot com
Thanks @ Best
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    1. Read what others are doing
    2. Try a few things
    3. Study your stats
    4. Refine your techniques
    5. Go back to step 1 and start over
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Ever hear about Pay Per Click advertising. This is one of the best ways to go online when it comes to advertising.

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    Pay per click is the most fastest way to get traffic. There are many way to drive traffic to your website like articles, press release, blog comment/ post, video, search engine and etc.
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    1) Pay Per Click
    2) Articles
    3) Search Engine Manipulation
    4) BackLinks
    5) Blogs
    6) Press Releases
    7) Emailing
    8) Advertising on Someone Else's Website
    9) Affiliate Program
    10) You Tube

    Hope this helps -

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    Please use the search function and you will find TONS of information to get you going. It will take you days to get a feel for what warriors find to be the most effective methods available. Good luck to you.

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  • Hamza, you can find a lot of the information here if you just start reading threads and asking more specific questions once you've done some research. No one here knows your niche or what you've done so far or what your goals are, so they can't just hand you the best plan for you.

    Any kind of launch takes research first, and digging in to make sure your business is viable from the start.

    1. Find a problem that needs solving
    2. Develop a product that solves that problem
    3. Set up a website to sell the product
    4. Write your copy with attention to the keywords your market will use to find you, and make sure you have an opt-in offer to begin generating an email list
    5. Set up a PPC campaign for some initial traffic with those same keywords -- maybe even set up targeted landing pages for them, depending on what kind of business you're in
    6. Start implementing other strategies (set up a blog, start writing articles, start emailing your opt-in list)
    7. Speak to companies that would be aligned with yours about cross-promotions or JVs.
    8. Test and tweak everything you've done to make sure it's still working.
    9. Come here with your questions, and for valuable feedback!

    The official account of the Internet Marketing Center. Stop by to connect -- we'd love to meet you.

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