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by grey38
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I spend hours and hours on cosmetic homepage changes, and I cannot ever seem to get it straight... does anyone have any tips to not spend so much time on my homepage and what should I put on it?

I have a dog information website. I have 500-600 visitors a day and I am wasting them... please help and ask for any information you may need.

I'm a little hesitant to put my url online because i've had a website stolen from me in my early days. If you need it please message me for it. Thanks.
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    I can populate the homepage no problem, but I want to populate it to monetize my traffic. I should clarify.
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    Originally Posted by grey38 View Post

    I'm a little hesitant to put my url online because i've had a website stolen from me in my early days. If you need it please message me for it. Thanks.
    Just post the url so that we can look at your site in order to help you. No one can steal your site from your url.

    Not giving your url for that reason doesn't make since.

    Imagine printing business cards that said "let me help you with your pet needs simply visit my website at --- I don't want to give you my website url because it was stolen once."
    Where There is a Willis....There is a WAY!!!
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    Feel free to post the URL to your website. No body can steal it just by visiting it, don't worry.

    If you still hesitate to make it public for some reason, feel free to send me a PM.
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    ok guys, but he took the idea and recreated it. then rubbed it in my face. looking back the idea wasn't that great, however it was on wicked fire in like 2009 so...

    i want to monetize the homepage, and the sliders. have plenty of content, and plenty of ideas, but don't know what i should use to put on the homepage sliders especially. What pictures to use, etc.
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    Would simply suggest you visit several similar sites in your niche, and make notes and even take screenshots of what you like and don't.
    Take this feedback and incorporate those changes into your own site. It needn't be perfect. Just clean and presentable.

    Small steps - don't try and make it all happen overnight.
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    On your homepage, a clear description of who you are with a picture could be good. The optin form does seem plain. Could you jazz it up a little? Maybe offer a more valuable gift/book that would appeal to pitbull owners. You are 'defending' them but offering 'emergency first aid guide'? A just in case option?

    The homepage is a bit like a cover of a book I think. Maybe a redesign would be worth considering? With high quality photos, relevant pitbull affiliate products and ads carefully positioned. A floating, popup optin form might help too? Outclass the competition and maybe go for a premium website/blog theme. With a bit of design adjustment, and content/structural tweaks, you could easily be, forgive the pun, one of the top dogs in your niche!
    "The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." - Mark Russell
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    David, I've been considering redoing my theme. I'm using u-design right now. It's just so hard for me to make decisions or to be happy with a setup. Image placement/layout just kill me with time...

    I have one call to action I'll follow which isn't my email signup. But I might add that as a popup after I decide if i'm getting a new theme. Any others think I should get a new theme? I am aware my issue is not theme specific, but I don't want to finish the theme and say I just don't like the theme lol. anyone envision this theme being too "plain"?
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    Make it simple. Do you have Adsense on your site? Is it making money for you? Consider making a smaller more condensed site that is super simple - and obvious that you want people to buy something.
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    Randall, I've actually decided to make just one call to action on the homepage. this is very similar to your idea of simplifying. instead of a slider I will just have them being able to click the one image. I was considering this theme. is this less plain? I know I can customize my current and a background would make a huge difference, however the below theme has a much better sub navigation setup and is retina ready. So thoughts on design alone for the new theme?

    SmartMag - Responsive & Retina WordPress Magazine Preview - ThemeForest
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