Bounced/Unsubscribe List vs Suppression List Service?

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What is the difference between a bounce list vs a suppression list?

I use "Interspire Email Marketer" to send out emails to my subscribers. And I set it up so I can process any bounced emails within Interspire. And anyone that wants to unsubscribe can do so by clicking the "unsubscribe" link.

The "affiliate network" I'm working with says that I need to use a service like Ezepo, Optizmo, UnsubCentral, etc. this way I can provide them with a suppression list. However, why would I need a suppression list service like this if with Interspire I can properly manage bounces and unsubscribe emails on my own? What benefits does this suppression list service have over me just doing it on my own?

Thank you!
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