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Hi Amazon-Experts,
I just analyzed my stats (since Jan 2012) a little to get rid of products thats are not available anymore.
What I found (and didn't see in the past) is a category (inthe downloaded report) called: articles with orders on other days. (freely translated from german - don't know how it is phrased in the english version of the reports).
As example I have an article that got ordered a few times (9 clicks, 2 orders) and it shows up in its respective category (books).
It also shows up (with same ASIN) in the "article with orders on other days" category with 2,077 clicks.
What exactly does this mean?
Are these orders that were finalized after the cookie expired?
Any insights are much appreciated.
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    It means that you need to contact Amazon and ask them.


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    Anyone else? Didn't receive a reply from Amazon - that's why I am asking here
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      i only know daily have 200++ click 200++ UV going to 4 months don't have even a sales...
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