Can "Rapid Action Profits" do this?

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I'm doing some marketing for an event, and I'm considering getting Rapid Action Profits to use it for the affiliate marketing aspect.

However, there's one crucial piece of functionality I need, that I'm not sure if Rapid Action Profits has.

On the order page, my prospect needs to be able to specify how many tickets he wants to buy - then Paypal needs to charge him the right price for the amount of tickets he buys. (For example, if he chooses "4 tickets" on the order page, then Paypal charges him $4X, where X is the price of each ticket. I'm not doing bulk discounts or anything like that for now, so the shopping cart just needs to do basic arithmetic.)

Then on the "download" page, preferably it can display the customer's email address, as well as the number of tickets he paid for - so he can just print out the "download" page, and use it as his "ticket" (proof of purchase).

Does Rapid Action Profits have this functionality? (I've only seen it used for info-products, where people generally don't order multiple copies, so I don't know if it has this functionality.)

If not, can someone recommend me a good shopping cart script that works with Paypal, and has this functionality? Preferably one that can run an affiliate program, and preferably pay instant commissions.

In order of importance and priorities, I'm looking for a script that can
(1) Let the customer specify how many tickets he wants to buy, charge him the right amount, then display that info on the "download/thank you" page (crucial, must-have)
(2) run an affiliate program (secondary, good to have)
(3) pay commissions instantly (optional)

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    Since Rapid Action Profits only displays the download page AFTER paypal confirms a valid payment, the display of your customer's ticket (after purchase) is covered, regarding your requirement.

    Out of the box, RAP doesn't actually have a "choice" mechanism for different numbers of items...HOWEVER, because of RAP's flexibility, and the fact you can create multiple "product" profiles, you CAN do what you want with some forethought.

    For example, you can create different "profiles" for select quantities of tickets, then on a single sales page have the sale buttons/links (corresponding to the different ticket quantities) lead to the specified "go to paypal" pages, for whichever option your customer chooses. After payment, RAP "intelligently" sends the customer to the proper download/Thank you page...

    Hope that helps, and...
    Be Well!
    ECS Dave
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