Blog installation question: /blog or /keyword ?

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I have been creating more blogs to either go with an existing site or as the site itself. I've discovered that for many of my niches/sites I really like the ease and can usually find a goaround to do almost anything I did with html before.

I know you can make the blog the site; by that I mean; you type in and the blog comes up with no redirect necessary.

But I was wondering if I have something like a sales page at and create a directory for the blog;
is it best to use or thatniche?

Do potential customers/visitors generally think /blog when they are not using a link?
Is there a good SEO/marketing reason to use /keyword?

What are your thoughts?

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    I prefer /keyword which has worked incredibly well for SEO purposes. In fact I can certaily verify that it helps tremendously over a boring "/blog" if you cannot use it in the root folder of your website and do not have the keyword in your URL.

    Also, use the correct permalink structure as well /%postname%/ which as Matt Cutts recently certified is the best structure to use for Google.

    All the best

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    Thanks Sean and Gabby12.

    I'll start using keywords then. I assume long-tail keywords will work better than generic for the same reasons they work better for html sites.

    I also found that when I wanted my site to be indexed faster it helped to have a blog installed. It probably has something to do with pings, my guess. But it beats getting indexed the old slower ways.
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    /keyword for me in this case.

    I myself would prefer separate blogs on separate domain names each of which is itself keyword rich!
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