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just update:
i bought 3 fiver gigs for solo ads
one was 1000 people
one was 45K people
one was for 50k people
7 optins from every one of them
i am not even sure that are real optin:
any ideas
#ads #fiverr #solo
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    Well, at least you learned the hard way.

    Lessons are best learned when you experience the 'pain' yourself.

    You can tell an infant to not touch the hot stove a hundred times...

    But it's until they actually feel the burn, that they learn their lesson.

    (disclaimer: Not referring to you as an infant or anything )

    But yea, fiverr is junkola for traffic
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    yes i do agree....but it is worth the test...i did not get burned....i bought data and i gave to you guys for free...
    i love referring to failure as buying data, it makes me feel better...lol
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    You could have "tested" this much faster and with much more certainty:

    Take 3 five dollar bills and neatly flush them down the toilet.

    You would have gotten exactly the same result.

    Well, actually a better result: You would have certainty that the money is gone.
    Now you are still wondering whether you got an email list from it or whether
    you should try another email gig on fiverr.

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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    What were expecting from $5 gigs?
    You have got what you have paid for.
    "Gathering correct information and taking actions will boom your business.
    Never be afraid of failures and success will follow you"

    By My Unsung Guru and Mentor
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    If you are buying a gig where there is a loophole on how you can get ripped off expect to get ripped off. I bought a logo on Fiverr and all the examples were amazing. When I got my logo it was just the words of my site typed on in Photoshop. Bait and switch. People do not represent what they are actually selling.
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      Fiverr is hit and miss in my experience. Like anything, the reviews help give an indication of the results you may get. If a gig doesn't have any reviews, it's best to wait.

      On the other hand I've gotten some amazing voice actors for some videos I've done (as well as a phone system message). But they also had amazing reviews. Maybe you can get that data vicariously!
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    Ahhh yes - I just flushed down some five dollar bills as well there. One seller is legit though.

    I had to laugh as I saw bogusemail321 @gmail.com email addresses (different variations with 321 in addresses) flock in. Obviously one seller was trying to make his bogus gig look impressive.
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    Never buy a list unless its from a company or 7 figure network marketer with really strong fan base where you can purchase advertising space in a newsletter. Build or scrape your own leads, software is not that expensive and you get a lifetime of quality leads.
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    Fiverr is good for certain services...but never buy traffic or leads or anything like that. Like anything, you get what you pay for
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    For decent solo ad vendors check out Facebook. Theres a few groups around that have testimonials so theres a bit of countability.
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    Truth be told...

    You purchased something infinitely valuable.

    Your own, proven 100% raw data.

    It's the only data you can take to the bank.

    Stay cool
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    Those are some very depressing results. How many clicks where you getting?
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    No one with a high quality list is selling solo ad's for $5.

    There are plenty of good solo ad opportunities around, and I although I really like Fiverr, that's the last place I'd look for solo ad's.
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    stay away from the fiverr shortcuts! Anybody who is selling a solo for that price you stay away OK! Start small and test. 50 to 100 clicks and you want to pay between 35 and 100 bucks. Trust me in you don't want to wast your money with lower price ones
    Working to achieve higher results...
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  • I had also the same Experience on buying the solo ads from Fiverr all I can say is that they are not as effective as they might look. Though there are many service that are effective on this site except this one.

    I thinks it time that fiverr started checking all those that posting gigs here so as to maintain the value of the site.
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    My personal experience is that Fiverr is good for everything except buying traffic, any form of traffic.

    I would like to put it this way. The owner of the list knows the worth of the list, and that's why it's in Fiverr, otherwise he would be selling solos/traffic at much higher prices.

    Don't you think?
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    I bought a gig regarding .COM registration in bulk on GoDaddy.
    Excellent service I must say.
    Got my 10 .COM for just $50 in less than 5 hrs.

    There are similar services there.
    Check for the reviews and then order.
    Sometimes even the new sellers are amazing.
    And they easily make their way to the top!!!

    P.S. I was once working on fiverr.
    Made a good sum of money that later became my seed money!!
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    the only places where you can buy a solo ad that will do any good is if you pay a lot of money for it. So much that you might brake even or make a little bit. The person selling the ad makes all the money.
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    I would suggest that instead of buying solo ad gigs on Fiverr, that you pay for gigs where the seller will post ads for you on Backpage, Craigslist and other classified ad sites.

    I have gotten quite a few opt-ins by promoting my squeeze page on classified ad sites. Outsource your ad posting !

    If you are really wanting to do solo ads, there are some good solo ad sellers here in the WF in this section here

    Good luck !
    Free 40-page eBook "How To Earn With CPA Offers"
    + 14 Free Traffic Training Videos -
    Click here now. (no opt-in required)

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    I've also tested solo ads on Fiverr, and it was a bad idea. I got 20 subscribers, but I had to delete them, because these were clearly fake addresses.
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    Originally Posted by tristatemedia View Post

    just update:
    i bought 3 fiver gigs for solo ads
    one was 1000 people
    one was 45K people
    one was for 50k people
    7 optins from every one of them
    i am not even sure that are real optin:
    any ideas
    Good for you for having the courage to publish the results! The conversion rate for optins, real or not, is woefully low! Do you have the list of email addresses for the optins? Email them with something interesting and valuable and see who replies.

    My experience: Fiverr is a really scary site for buying traffic! I don't even need to flush the toilet here. DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!
    "The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." - Mark Russell
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    I don`t even know what fiverr is good for anymore after all those ebooks out there have shown people how to sell junk that doesn`t require any work.
    I Use SiteGround For Hosting
    And SpinRewriter For Unlimited, Unique Content.
    Try Them
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    Anyone know any good places to buy solo ads in the fitness/weight loss niche?
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    I bough one solo ad from fiverr and never again. What happened to your open rate of your messages? Did it go down?
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    Originally Posted by tristatemedia View Post

    just update:
    i bought 3 fiver gigs for solo ads
    one was 1000 people
    one was 45K people
    one was for 50k people
    7 optins from every one of them
    i am not even sure that are real optin:
    any ideas

    Next time you should donate that money to the homeless.

    God Loves You!!

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